X-ray tomography of scalar quantities, e.g. the electron charge, is a well established techniques, where ALS has made significant contributions. It can be seen as one of the workhorse tools at the ALS. Vector quantities, such as the electron spin add another level of complexity to x-ray tomography. Spin systems in 3D have recently received an increased interest in the community, not only due to the novel synthesis approaches, but also in view of their potential to provide novel functionalities, e.g. 3d magnetic storage. Scientifically, 3d spin textures add another dimension how to harness the coupling of spins in such systems. Nanoscale characterization is of paramount interest and there are substantial efforts underway to address that need.

This workshop will gather prominent speakers working in the field of vector tomography, both from theory, experiment, simulation, and computing to provide a snapshot of the current state-of-the-art, and the missing gaps, that will impact ALS-U.