X-ray photonic microsystems for synchrotron applications
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 // 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: 6-2202

Advanced Photon Source

Hosts: Zahid Hussan and Sujoy Roy

While x-ray free electron lasers with a femtosecond pulse length are extremely effective in
probing dynamics on ultrashort time scales, synchrotron-based x-ray sources are well suited for
revealing spatiotemporal evolution of mesoscopic details in materials. To acheive required
spatial and temporal resolutions, the current generation synchrotron beamlines are designed
based on macroscopic optics for delivering the maximum flux. With a few exceptions, the optics
is static or associated with a large reconfigurable apparatus, mostly, due to its bulky nature.
Timing experiments have been possible only with fast detectors or when specific accelerator
timing patterns are configured. On the other hand, photonic microsystems played an essential
role in the development of integrated photonic devices, thanks to their unique spatiotemporal
control and spectral shaping capabilities. Similar capabilities to control and manipulate x-ray
radiation are highly desirable but practically impossible due to the massive size of the x-ray
optics currently used. In this work, we demonstrated that microelectromechanical systems
(MEMS) can be used as x-ray optics to create and preserve the spatial, temporal and spectral
correlation of the x-rays. We show the results from our R&D effort on MEMS-based dynamic x-
ray optics that exploit the properties to manipulate and control the x-ray pulses at synchrotron
sources. Furthermore, we speculate that the x-ray photonic microsystems will bring
unprecedented design flexibility for dynamic and miniature x-ray optics at future-generation
low-emittance synchrotron sources.

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