Double play with X-rays, workshop at the 2016 Advanced Light Sources User Meeting

2016 User Meeting, October 4-5, 2016; Tuesday 10/4/2016 from 2PM till 5PM and Wednesday 10/5/2016 from 8.30AM till 5PM
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,  Berkeley, California              
Contacts: Alexei Fedorov /web:
ARPES@ALS/ and Martin Kunz

In theory the electronic structure of crystalline solids is well connected to the crystal structure. In practice, studies of electronic and crystal structures are separated and rarely achieved in one experiment: X-ray diffraction/scattering resolves crystal structures while such spectroscopic techniques as X-ray absorption and photoemission probe the electronic structure.
This workshop will examine a possibility of uniting these previously well-separated techniques in one instrument. It will highlight technical challenges associated with the development of this instrument (and the synchrotron beamline) and discuss new knowledge it might deliver. The scientific motivation stems from the mounting evidence of nano- and macro-scale phase separation in strongly correlated materials, such as functionalized oxides, superconductors, etc. and a notion that structural ordering and electronic properties/ordering are intertwined. In addition the possibility to perform such studies at non-ambient conditions with the new instrument shall be explored. The combination of these techniques will be discussed in view of the future upgrade of the ALS


Alexander Gray
Temple University

Probing magnetic, electronic and structural ordering in novel magnetostrictive materials

Howard Padmore

Advanced Light Source, LBNL

Padraic Shafer
Advanced Light Source, LBNL

3D charge order in YBCO films

Fanny Rodolakis

Advanced Photon Source, ANL

Inequivalent routes across the Mott transition: a spectroscopic & structural study of the metal to insulator transition in vanadium sesquioxide

Ethan Crumlin
Advanced Light Source, LBNL

Sergey Savrasov

University of California, Davis

Wendy Li-Wen Mao

Stanford University


Tai C. Chiang

University of Illinois, Urbana
Spectroscopy and diffraction studies of Charge Density Waves in ultrathin films

Gregory J. Finkelstein

California Institute of Technology 
Eugen Weschke

BESSYII, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin


Eduardo H. da Silva Neto

University of British Columbia University of California, Davis
Joe Pacold

Chemical Sciences Division, LBNL

Actinide and lanthanide X-ray spectroscopy development at the ALS

Gerald Seidler
University of Washington

Tuesday 4-Oct-2016

  14:00-14:05 welcome      
1 14:05-14.40 E. Weschke      
2 14:40-15:10 E.  Da Silva Neto      
      15:10-15:20 break    
3 15:20-15:50 P. Shafer      
4 15:50-16:15 W. Mao      
5 16:20-16:55 T. Chiang      
      17:00 dinner    
Wednesday 5-Oct-2016          
  8:30-8:50   breakfast    
6 8:55-9:20 F. Rodolakis      
7 9:20-9.55 H. Padmore      
      9:55-10:00 quick break    
8 10:00-10:25 E. Crumlin      
9 10:25-10:50 G. Finkelstein      
10 10:50-11:15 J. Pacold      
11 11:15-11:40 G. Seidler      
      12:00-13:30 lunch    
12 13:35-14:00 A. Gray      
13 14:00-14:35 S. Savrasov      
  14:35-15:00 closing remarks/discussion      
  15:00-15:15 free time/group photo      
      15:15-15:30 break