8th Grade Weekly Updates


Odyssey of the Mind World Competition

On May 20-23, 8 LBMS students will be competing at the Odyssey of the Mind Word Competition at Michigan State University.  Odyssey of the Mind is an international organization that was founded over 25 years ago based on the principle of creative problem solving.  In order to compete, teams of students select a problem and must create and present their solution through a creative performance.  No adult input is allowed in the design process.  The students are responsible for all ideas and all construction of props and devices.  The two teams representing LBMS placed 1st and 2nd in the State of Illinois competition and will now represent our state at the World Competition.

Chorus Concert
Wednesday, May 20th at 7PM!  

Band Concert
Tuesday, May 19th at 7PM


We believe the best way for students and parents to keep track of student progress via our PowerSchool portal. If you'd like immediate notice, the system has a setting when you can receive notification each time a teacher updates grades. Otherwise, you can simply check it every so often to see how things are going with work completion.

Summer Programming: Registration for our Kaleidoscope program is still underway, and must be completed by May 15 to avoid a $100.00 late fee.  To learn more, click here to see our variety of fun and educational options.  Classes will run Monday through Thursday, June 15-July 9 from 8:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Please contact Carly Quick with any questions or concerns at cquick@lb65.org.  We hope to see you this summer! 

Next Week at a Glance

Monday--Early Release Day 2:10 Dismissal

Tuesday--Words of Wisdom

Wednesday--Goal Wrap Up

Thursday--Wish I Knew When...

Friday--8th Grade Girls Chorus Rehearsal
Course Updates

Social Studies- Mrs. Schuetz
Students have chosen a remaining essential question from our textbook to research and present to their classmates.  Students also had a choice of working alone or with a small group of peers. Students must learn about their chosen topic, define key terms relevant to the topic, and create a slide presentation and a class activity that helps illuminate the "big idea" and the details of their topic, and ultimately answers the essential question. Presentations commence on Friday, May 15, and continue into the following week.

Science- Mrs. Cuarto
This week students worked all week on their Invasive Species Essays, which are due on Monday. The prompt asks them to describe their given invasive species and the problems it has caused in the ecosystem(s) to which it has been introduced and, then, to argue the best way to eradicate or control the spread of the species. Next week, we'll look at the different types of fossils and how they help us understand evolution.

Language Arts- Mrs. Groth & Mrs. McNicholas
This week students continued their study of Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.  They finished reading and took a deeper look at symbols and themes within the novel.  Additionally, students learned ten more vocabulary words that appear in the text.  We will begin watching the 2013 movie version of the novel on Friday, which requires a signed permission slip from each student.  After watching the movie, students will write a final essay that explores Fitzgerald's craft.

Algebra 1- Mr. Jakcsy and Mrs. Komac
This week, we focused on the strategy of completing the square as a means of solving a quadratic equation. The final quest for this unit is on Monday. After that, we will dive into our final main idea of the year - solving with the quadratic formula!

HSAATH - Mrs. Komac
This week has been spent focused on graphing trigonometric functions. The quiz for this theme is on Monday. Check the Drive folder for a review page and answers for this quiz. After the quiz, we will begin working with trigonometric properties. The quiz for that theme will be on May 22nd. Reminder: The final exam is on June 1st between 9AM and 11AM! Study packets are in Google Drive - don't wait until the last minute!

Health- Ms. Fink
This week in health, students have finished up the drug education unit discussing the ill-effects of teen drinking and the consequences involved in drinking underage.  As we move into the beginning of next week, we are going to be starting the growth and development unit.  Have a great weekend. 
Sra. Ogren
This week we are learning the rest of the vocabulary of our last unit on health. We learned how to describe what might have happened and some common hospital vocabulary. We also talked about what one might say to someone to show sympathy. Next week we will be going on our field trip to Longitud315. We will be enjoying a South American lunch next Thursday! 

Français-Mme Szostak
This week students began their lesson on adjectives. Students learned about adjectives last year, but we have added more vocabulary to that list and students will not only review the various forms of the adjectives, but also the placement of the adjective. Over half the list is review for them, but they do need to be studying the new adjectives 5-10 minutes each night. In this lesson, the vocabulary and the grammar are the same! Next week, we continue practicing adjectives in context. Also permission slips for our French lunch at Miramar were due today! If your child didn't bring in the permission slip, please send it with them on Monday.

Film Arts- Mrs. Olmstead
This week the students are continuing to analyze the cinematic elements depicted in Apollo 13.  Next week each student will be writing a film review of one of the three films we have watched so far.

Visual Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian
8th grade art students have been introduced to the origin and history of raku.  They are excited to participate in our raku workshop on Tuesday, May 12.  Please be sure your child dresses for the weather.  The show will go on rain or shine! Most art students don’t get to experience raku firing until late high school or college when they attend advanced ceramics courses.  To learn more about it, click here.


Monday: Golf Practice 3:45pm
Tuesday: Golf Practice 3:45pm
Wednesday: ALPHA Golf @ Deerpath Golf Course (6 Golfers only)
Thursday: NONE
Friday: TBD (Depends on course availability at LBGC)

BOBCAT CAMP IS BACK! The annual summer tradition runs June 8-11, and 15-18. Volleyball, Field Hockey and Basketball. Open to all Students entering grades 5 - 8 in the '15-16 school year. See the website or Mr. Williams for a downloadable flyer!

 After School Activities 

 PTO News

8th Grade Scavenger Hunt and Pizza Party
The PTO has organized a free Scavenger Hunt and Pizza Party for the 8th grade next Friday after school until 6:00. There will be plenty of food, a raffle, and other prizes. Any student that signs up by the end of the day Monday will get an extra raffle ticket!

LFHS Scout Spirit Wear
See the attached flyer to order Scout Spirit Wear!