8th Grade Weekly Updates

Thank you to all parents who volunteered their time and continued support through the musical "The Little Mermaid Jr."  The fine arts team and all those involved would like to extend their gratitude to those who spent endless hours helping us make the production such a success.  

The Chorus Concert will be Wednesday, May 20th at 7PM!  

A number of parents have asked recently for teachers to let them know when their students have missing work. We believe the best way to do this is via our PowerSchool portal. If you'd like immediate notice, the system has a setting when you can receive notification each time a teacher updates grades. Otherwise, you can simply check it every so often to see how things are going with work completion.

One Life, Live Well:  Next week is our annual awareness week where we promote the topics of physical, mental, and emotional health.  Various theme days, lunch activities, and classroom discussions will occur throughout the week to promote healthy choices and happy living for all our students and staff.  We only have One Life, so we want to Live it Well!  Contact Mrs. Quick or Ms. Fink for more information. 

Remember, we've got our end of the year standardized assessment coming up next week o
n May 5 and May 7. The students will be taking two tests on each of those days. You can help your child prepare for these assessments by doing the following:
  • Making sure that they are well rested and encouraging them to eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Helping them to arrive at school on time.
  • Encouraging them to give their best efforts on each assessment.

Next Week at a Glance

Monday--One Life Live Well Activity, Wear sweats!

Tuesday--PARCC Testing, Hat Day!

Wednesday--One Life Live Well Activity (Hoops for Heart), Wear high/fun socks!

Thursday--PARCC Testing, Bright colors day!

Friday--Encore and Jazz Band to Great 
              America's Music Festival, School spirit day!
Course Updates

Social Studies- Mrs. Schuetz
Reconstruction following the Civil War and the extent to which African Americans achieved full citizenship during this time were the topics this week in Social Studies. All students have a processing assignment due on Monday, when there will also be a quiz on Chapter 23.

Science- Mrs. Cuarto
In science this week, we reviewed plant cells and animals cells, comparing the two. We also participated in a simulation of an ecosystem with the goal of understanding carrying capacity and what can affect it. Next week, we'll wrap up the ecology portion of our Life Science unit with discussions about biodiversity and our ecological footprint. Students will also be writing an argumentative essay about eradicating an invasive species, which will is due May 11.

Language Arts- Mrs. Groth & Mrs. McNicholas
This week in language arts we continued our study of The Great Gatsby.  Students used evidence in the text to document the transformation of James Gatz to Jay Gatsby in the form of an illustrated timeline.  We also analyzed several quotations from the text in order to gain a deeper understanding of character and plot development.  Next week we will complete our reading and begin working towards the next literary essay.

Algebra 1- Mr. Jakcsy and Mrs. Komac
We have spent a challenging week applying our factoring skills to solving quadratic equations. Next week, we will focus on the strategy of completing the square! This unit has been so successful for students that we will be moving the test up one day to Monday, May 11th. All students who still need to pass polynomial standards from our last unit need to have that finished very soon. Students should check in with Mrs. Komac or Mr. Jakcsy to turn in their action plans and arrange a time to retake those standards. 

HSAATH - Mrs. Komac
The end of the year is rapidly approaching! We completed theme 1 of our trig study on finding trig values. There is a quiz on Monday. Students need to make sure they practice filling out the unit circle (blank copies are in Google Drive). We will begin our next theme of graphing on Tuesday with the quiz for that theme on Monday, May 11th.  A note about the final exam: All HSAATH students here at LBMS will be taking their second semester final exam on Monday, June 1st. We have a special schedule arranged so that they will take the exam together and in one sitting, 9AM - 10:45AM. It is very important that the students be present and on time for this exam. Each student may have a 4X6 notecard during the exam (will be provided in coming weeks) upon which to hand write any fact, formula, or idea they wish (front & back). Review packets for the exam are in Google Drive.

Health- Ms. Fink
This week students will be learning about the ill-effects of alcohol on a teen's body and how they are affected.  We will be discussing the dangers of alcohol on the whole and the perceptions teens have on alcohol.  Have a great weekend.  
Sra. Ogren
This week we have begun our final unit on health. We are reviewing parts of the body and learning a few more. This week we have also been practicing using the verb, "doler" to say that a specific body part hurts. 

Français-Mme Szostak
This week in French we're wrapping up the lesson on clothing and expressing the near future. Students were assessed on Thursday and next week we begin our next lesson on adjective agreement and placement.

Film Arts- Mrs. Olmstead
This week the students are exploring the cinematic element of film.  We are viewing Apollo 13 and the students are identifying the effects of sound, lighting, camera operation, and editing on the overall impact of the film.  We have been discussing how space films are often recognized for cinematography because of the challenges the locations provide.  

Visual Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian
8th grade art students have been introduced to the origin and history of raku.  They are excited to participate in our raku workshop on Tuesday, May 12.  The permission form for this unique workshop, has been passed out and is due back with $10.00 fee by Monday, May 4.  Most art students don’t get to experience raku firing until late high school or college when they attend advanced ceramics courses.  To learn more about raku, click here.


Monday: Golf Practice @ LBGC 3:45pm
Track Practice 3:45 - 4:45pm
Tuesday: Golf Practice @ LBGC 3:45pm
Wednesday: Golf @ LBGC for Alpha JGT 4:15pm (6 Golfers)
Track @ LFHS 4:00pm
Thursday: Golf @ Heather Ridge GC 4:00pm (8 Golfers)
Track Practice 3:45-4:45pm
Friday: Track Practice 3:45-4:45pm
Saturday: Conference Track Meet @ North Chicago HS 9:00am

Please return any and all jerseys from sports throughout the year!

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