8th Grade Weekly Updates


Make-up Date for PSAT 8/9 Testing Scheduled for Monday, November 6

Lake Forest High School will be hosting a make-up date for PSAT 8/9 testing as some students were not able to make the original two PSAT8/9 Saturday testing dates on 10/21 & 10/28.

Make-up Date:
Monday, 11/6 from 4pm - 7:30pm
Lake Forest High School EAST Campus

Students should enter through the main front doors of the high school and go into the Main Office where Mr. Patrick Sassen or Dr. Alan Wahlert will greet them.

Families who want to take advantage of the make-up should email Dr. Alan Wahlert, awahlert@lfschools.net to confirm their student will attend. Please also state if your student requires accommodations so the high school can properly prepare for their needs.

Questions? Please contact Alan Wahlert Ed.D., Director of Teaching & Learning, Lake Forest High School, awahlert@lfschools.net or (847) 582-7334.

LBMS Thanksgiving Food Drive

The LBMS Choirs and the Reach Out Club are collecting food donations at the Fall Choral Concert on Wednesday, November 15th for the Phoenix Rising Foundation that supports local families.  We are hoping each family can bring in 2-5 lbs of food (canned fruits & veggies, cereal, etc…) to help make a wonderful holiday season for families in need. For more details...http://ms.lb65.org/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=31973979

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

 Robotics & Engineering 101

This is an annual event for our LBMS ladies held at Woodlands Academy. Interested girls will attend building workshops, create a catapult, and learn about coding & programming. The event will be Saturday, Nov. 18th from 9AM to 12:30PM. Girls can register by going to www.woodlandsacademy.org/robotics-engineering-101. You can contact Mrs. Komac for more information!

News from the Nurse

Fevers and upset stomachs were the primary reasons for absences this week. Some fevers were rather high in the 102-103 range. The fevers appear to be lasting 24-48 hours. No one has tested positive for Influenza. This appears to be an "influenza type" virus.

The stomachaches are presenting with a few days of nausea, no reports of vomiting.....maybe too much Halloween candy!

Enjoy the extra hour we gain this weekend!

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Join us on Facebook: Lake Bluff Middle School PTO or visit us online at www.lb65.org/parents/pto.

Next Week at a Glance

Monday--Girls Basketball Season Opener @ 

Tuesday--Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie's 

Wednesday--Early Release (2:10 dismissal)

Thursday--Boys Basketball Home Opener 

Friday--Veteran's Day Ceremony at Gazebo
Course Updates

Social Studies- Mrs. McKean
This week students have been completing their research and webpages focusing on historical figures and events during the Early Presidencies.  They will debate the significant of their topic with their groups/partners and then create an independent iMovie detailing their topics impact on their President's legacy.  Our websites will be published and shared next week so be on the lookout! 

Science- Mrs. Cuarto
We started a new unit this week! Students got a new book called "Why Do I Look the Way I Do?" and we have begun by exploring traits and their variations, as well as learning the difference between inherited and acquired traits. Student realized that many traits are inherited, yet can change over time as well. Next week, we'll look closely as some particular variations of traits in a lab and set up some plants experiments to investigate how inherited traits can result in different variations. 

Language Arts- Mrs. Groth & Mrs. 
This week in Language Arts, student began investigating theme, motif, and symbolism in their Book club texts. Students are in their third book partnership book and are working towards completing this book by next week. As always, students need to be meeting their reading goals every night and completing sticky notes as annotations.

Algebra 1- Mr. Jakcsy and Mrs. Komac
This week students completed the team challenge assessment and the individual test for chapter 3. The latter half of this week and next week focuses on the first part of chapter 4; writing and solving systems of equations. Specifically students will practice modeling situations with equations and begin solving systems of equations using substitution and elimination.

Mr. Jakcsy and Mrs. Komac
This week, students got to experience long division in new ways and learn something called synthetic division. Next week, we explore rational equations and variation, with Quiz 6 on Thursday. Following the quiz, we wrap up the painting task and begin our work with radicals (imaginary friends are coming!).

Health- Ms. Fink
This week, health students have been discussing the ill effects of prescription drugs and alcohol.  As the week comes to a close, we will be discussing the myths and realities of marijuana and how marijuana can affect both the brain and the body.  Next week, we will be addressing various ways in which students can resist peer pressure.  Have a great weekend.  

EspañolSra. Ogren
This week we have been talking about activities to do while on vacation. The students researched, discussed, and wrote about activities they would like to do on a trip to Peru. We also wrapped up our unit with a vocabulary quiz on Thursday. Our verb of the week  was "hacer, " "to do or to make" and the students turned in their paragraphs for it on Friday.  We'll be starting the final assessment for this unit next week with a project about a trip to a Spanish-speaking country. The students will be describing how they plan it, how they would get there, and what they would do while there. 

Français-Mme Szostak
This week in French students have been preparing an oral presentation called Quand j'étais jeune.. The presentation is the chance to use the past tense in a meaningful communicative way. Students share 5 memories (and pictures!) from their childhood and present to the class. It's really entertaining and a wonderful chance to hear the progression of their French. 

Chorus - Ms. Cvitkovic

Chorus Concert on Wednesday, November 15th at 7PM.  Concert dress is Khaki pants, black polo shirt, black shoes and black socks.  Our theme is “ A Season of Giving and Gratitude”.  Please help support our food drive by bringing canned goods to the concert!

Shirts can be ordered at: https://store.lb65.org/

Band - Mr. Beese

Band Concert on Thursday, November 16 at 7PM.  Concert dress is Khaki pants, black polo shirt, black shoes and black socks.

Shirts can be ordered at: https://store.lb65.org/
Film Arts- Mrs. Olmstead

Art- Mrs. Engel-Julian


Monday: GBB @ Northwood 4:15/5:15

8BBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm

Tuesday: 8BBB Practice 7AM

8GBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm

7GBB Practice 5:15-6:45pm

Wednesday: 8BBB + 7BBB Practice 7AM

Thursday: BBB vs. Neal Academy 4:15/5:15pm

Friday: 7BBB + 7GBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm

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