7th Grade Weekly Update


Illinois 5Essentials Survey - Parent Responses Needed!

Lake Bluff School District 65 is participating in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey.  Your participation in the parent portion of the survey will help us understand the conditions at your child’s school and guide improvement. Your identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and will never be connected to you or your child.

The Survey is open through January 31, 2018. To take the survey please visit https://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/survey/parent/login/ and enter your e-mail address, the county name (Lake) and the school name (Lake Bluff Elementary or Lake Bluff Middle).

LBMS Musical 2018:  Wizard of Oz!

It’s our first musical update of the year!  Workshops are next week and the schedule is listed on the musical website here.  Workshops are the opportunity for those interested in auditioning to learn the material.   All students auditioning must complete a singing and dance audition, and the acting audition is optional.  Auditions are scheduled for the week of January 17th, and the specific schedule is also included on the website.  Students will be able to sign up for auditions starting next week.  All students need to turn in a conflict form to Mrs. Olmstead before their audition.  More information to come!  The website will always be updated with information for all cast and crews. Contact Adrienne Olmstead at aolmstead@lb65.org with any questions!

Career Day is coming!

Our 2nd annual Career Exposition Day is coming on January 25th. We are looking for people willing to give about 2 hours of your time (between 9:30AM and 11:30AM) to share what you do for a living with interested students. Each presenter is asked to prepare a 20-25 minute session for middle school students. This session may be repeated 1-3 times that morning. Based on the interest of our students, these are the larger career categories that we are seeking: advertising/marketing, animal/marine bio/vet, animation, architect, artist, author, business, chemist/scientist/neuroscientist, coding/game design/computer engineer, culinary arts, doctor, engineer, FBI, firefighter, law enforcement, lawyer, nurse, performing arts, photographer, pilot/flight attendant, space, sports, surgeon, teacher, YouTuber.

We are definitely not limited to these career categories if you wish to present! Please contact Mrs. Komac at hkomac@lb65.org if you are willing to be a presenter.

News from the Nurse

Students returned from break with colds and upset stomachs.  Many absences were simply reported as “sick”; it is helpful if parents provide the type of illness that is causing the absence.  Thank you for any information you can provide on the attendance line.  

Next Week at a Glance
1/8 - 1/12
Monday: ELO - ELA

Tuesday: ELO - Math

Wednesday: Early Dismissal at 2:10pm

Thursday: ELO - Science, Social Studies, and World Language

Friday: Spelling Bee Finals

Course Updates

LA - Huddlestun & Wegrzyn

This week in Language Arts, we began our Nonfiction book club reading unit. Ask your student about their new book club book! As a class we are reading aloud Fast Food Nation to notice important aspects of Nonfiction reading. Next week, we will continue to work through our nonfiction book club books.

Math 2 - Tschanz and Carney

This week in Math 2, students reviewed proportional relationships and ratios, reflecting on their learning so far this year, and began Chapter 5 which focuses on probability and problem solving.

Advanced Math 2 - Tschanz

This week in Advanced Math 2, students reviewed angle pair relationships by working through an angle network and worked together on a team challenge to present their conclusions to the class.  Next Monday, students will review for their Unit 5 assessment which has been changed to Tuesday, January 9th.

Algebra - Jakcsy

This week students continued investigating data sets. Specifically we learned how to use technology to calculate trendlines and determine the strength of a correlation. Next week students will continue modeling data and develop strategies for interpreting data in context and commenting on correlation and causation.

HSAATH- Mr. Jakcsy and Mrs. Komac

2018 started with work on symmetry and transformations! Next week, we will continue to explore how to transform functions and get into more details about quadratics. Students will be given information about the Grumpy Bat project on Monday, with a due date on this project of Jan 16th - Jan 19th. Quiz 10 will be Jan. 17th, MAP testing will be Jan. 19th. Students will also complete an AATH common assessment on Jan. 22nd. This is a short assessment built of problems chosen in collaboration with LFHS and DPM. The problems reflect skills that students in AATH should be fluent in solving by this point in their math journey and will be given to all AATH students in the three districts. The primary goal of the assessment is for all of the AATH teachers to work together on how we assess student work to achieve some consistency. This is a great chance for students to check on their mastery of key skills.

Science - DeYoung

This week we reviewed some of the main concepts from our energy unit and then began investigating sound energy. Next week we will explore chemical energy.

Social Studies - Twohig

This week students participated in the Geography Bee.  They also began a study of the European Union, and will examine what unites and divides the European Union.

Spanish - Horner

This week in Spanish we reviewed some of the vocabulary and restaurant skills we’d been practicing before break. On Friday we had another café roleplay in which students acted as customers and waiters. This time, all of the customers received a scenario to act out unbeknownst to the waiter. Next Thursday students will have a short quiz on how to respond to a waiter in a restaurant.

French - Szostak

In French this week students watched the animated award-winning French film, Un Chat à Paris. This film is both amusing and suspenseful and the kids enjoyed the clever animation. Students also did a writing assessment where they described the state of their lockers! Next week, we’ll begin our next lesson in the education unit.

Health - Fink

This week in health, students have started the physical activity and nutrition unit.  In 7th grade we will be addressing topics such as health-related fitness and skill-related fitness and how students can maintain their own level of fitness.  Next week, we will begin working on a group project where students have to demonstrate their knowledge on overall fitness.  Have a great weekend.

Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian

This week in art, students continued to work on their open studio piece.  This work is due on January 12th.  Students can come in before or after school or during their Extended Learning Opportunities in afternoon advisory if more time is needed.

Theatre Arts-Olmstead

This week the students began our second unit on Radio Dramas.  The students will work in production teams to choose a radio drama script, locate appropriate sound effects, record vocals, and edit the whole production together in GarageBand.  The radio drama choices are from actual radio drama scripts performed in the early part of the 20th century!  

Chorus - Cvitkovic

This week we worked on getting our voices back into singing form!  Next week we will begin preparing for our World Music Concert on Wednesday, March 7th at 7 PM.


Monday: BBB @ Northwood 4:15/5:15pm

GBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm

Tuesday: 8BBB Practice 7AM

GBB vs. LFCDS 4:00/5:00pm

Wednesday: NONE

Thursday: BBB vs. Edgewood 4:30/5:30pm

Friday: 8BBB 7AM

7GBB + 7BBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm

 After School Activities 

Chess Club:

Next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 9th in Mrs. Twohig’s room after school

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