7th Grade Weekly Update


Winter Conference Wrapup

Thanks to all who attended winter conferences!

Musical Update:  Wizard of Oz!

The cast list will go up on the musical website by noon on Saturday!  Congratulations to all our cast members.  There will be an all cast read-through on Tuesday January 30th from 3:40-5:00 pm in Ms. C’s room.  If students have a Tuesday conflict that they cannot miss they are excused from the read through.  Also on Tuesday January 30th there will be a mandatory parent-cast meeting at 7pm on the presentation stairs.  The January rehearsal calendar will be provided for students on Tuesday on the call board, in their cast binder, and on the website..  We look forward to getting our musical underway! Any additional questions?  Please contact Adrienne Olmstead at aolmstead@lb65.org.  

Lake Forest-Lake-Bluff LDA Information

Lake Forest-Lake Bluff LDA Spring Marche Flyer

Illinois 5Essentials Survey - Parent Responses Needed!

Lake Bluff School District 65 is participating in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey.  Your participation in the parent portion of the survey will help us understand the conditions at your child’s school and guide improvement. Your identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and will never be connected to you or your child.

The Survey is open through January 31, 2018. To take the survey please visit https://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/survey/parent/login/ and enter your e-mail address, the county name (Lake) and the school name (Lake Bluff Elementary or Lake Bluff Middle).

News from the Nurse

The "Influenza Like Illness" was still the primary reason for absences this week. Students are presenting with low grade fevers, nasal congestion, sore throats, and cough.  I received one confirmed report of Influenza B for a 7th grade student.  Several students are still fighting the intestinal virus as well.  This bug is causing nausea, vomiting, & diarrhea, but usually no fever.  

Please report absences by 9am and include the type of illness causing the absence.  Students must be free from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school. Thank you!

Next Week at a Glance
1/29 - 2/2
Monday: ELO - ELA

Tuesday: ELO - Math

Wednesday: ELO - Fine Arts

Thursday: ELO - Science, Social Studies, World Language

Friday: Bluffer Assembly

Course Updates

LA - Huddlestun & Wegrzyn

This week in Language Arts, students continued to research their chosen fields on Nonfiction ranging from historical Women’s Rights to World War II. Students are creating objective summaries based on their research to show their ability to compile important facts/main ideas from multiple sources. By next week, students should become experts on their topic to create a TED talk for future nonfiction readers.

Math 2 - Tschanz and Carney

This week in Math 2, students continued to work on solving multi-step compound probability problems.  Next week, students will focus more on problem solving and steps to help students become better at these types of problems.

Advanced Math 2 - Tschanz

This week, students worked to solve problems involving surface area and volume and looked at how they affect each other.  Next week, students will continue working on these concepts with an end of unit assessment at the end of the week.

Algebra - Jakcsy

Students began chapter 7, which focuses on applications of exponential growth and decay, including the topic of compound interest. Next week, we’ll continue exponential growth and decay and finish the chapter looking at fractional exponents.

HSAATH- Mr. Jakcsy and Mrs. Komac

This week, we just began our look at conic sections. Next week, Quiz 11 will be on the 30th followed by some work with hyperbolas and parabolas!

Science - DeYoung

This week the students began looking at information about transportation fuels. Next week the students will debate these fuels, and then begin building their mousetrap cars. Please be aware that students will need to bring in materials to use to build their mousetrap car. The materials should not be anything special, I am not looking for kit cars. Recommended materials might include small boxes of any kind, rods for an axle, CD disks for wheels, and string.

Social Studies - Twohig

This week students looked deeply into propaganda.   A variety of techniques used to persuade people were examined.  Different propaganda posters were analysed.  Next week we will create a piece of propaganda and determine how this influences people’s thinking.  

Spanish - Horner

This week in Spanish we are working on the difference between using SER and ESTAR. Spanish is one of few languages in which “to be” is two different verbs, used for different reasons. Students are becoming acclimated to these reasons and understanding the different reasons they are used. We will use this concept a lot in our next unit coming up next week, which is “En la ciudad”.

French - Szostak

This week in French students were assessed on their school subjects vocabulary. We then began learning the concept of digital time. Students were pre-assessed with a paired partner activity that gave them the chance to show what they already understand. Culturally we spoke about the use of digital clocks vs analog and also talked about the use 24-hour time. Students will eventually be able to tell time and use the appropriate vocabulary with any of these methods. Next week we’ll continue with time and also begin conjugating the regular -IR verbs.

Health - Fink

This week in health, students have been finishing up their RAFT projects and presenting.  The projects have been creative and provide their classmates with accurate information.  If you have received an email for 7th Health - Seesaw, please ask to join to see your child’s work and comment on their progress.  Next week, we will be starting the Drug Education unit by utilizing the Life Skills Program.  Have a great weekend.  

Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian

This week in art, students began our ceramics unit.  They must construct something at least 8-12” using slab and coil.  Each technique challenges their engineering skills in a variety of ways.  It will be exciting to see what kind of solutions they come up with!

Theatre Arts-Olmstead

This week in Theatre Arts, the radio drama groups are in the process of putting all of the tracks together: voice, music, and sound effects.  We should be wrapping them up next week and moving on to our next unit of Set Design in February.  Have a great long weekend!

STEAM- Mrs. Olmstead

This week in STEAM, the students have begun their second engagement.  The new projects include air compression circuits, roller coaster park simulation, robotics, and geometric structure building.  Enjoy the long weekend!


 After School Activities 

Chess Club:

Next meeting is Tuesday, January 30th after school in Mrs. Twohig’s room.  All are welcome!

Student Council:

Student Council will meet Wednesday, January 31st after school from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Carney's room. We will be planning for the Winter Dance. Anyone is welcome to join. See Mrs. Hines for more info!

 PTO News


Save the Date

The PTO's spring auction is going to be a golf scramble and after party. Mark May 19th on your calendar so you can join in on the fun! More information is to come, but the day is shaping up to be a rockin' time.

Spirit Wear

Love the look of Lake Bluff's new spirit wear? The PTO has stocked spirit wear items for sale at Hub & Cycle in Lake Bluff throughout the year. Go to http://www.lbhubandcycle.com for store information.

Want More Information?

Join us on Facebook: Lake Bluff Middle School PTO or visit us online at www.lb65.org/parents/pto.