7th Grade Weekly Update 5/29/15


Talent Show
The annual LBMS Talent Show will be at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3. 

Laptop Collection
7th grade students will be turning in their laptops on Wednesday. Please make sure that students clean out the bag, find the charger if needed, and bring the empty bag, completely shut down laptop, and the charger to school on Wednesday.

Next Week at a Glance

Monday 6/1: 
Advisory Choice

Tuesday 6/2: 
Advisory Choice

Wednesday 6/3: 
Prep for advisory challenge
Laptop Collection

Thursday 6/4: 
Prep for advisory challenge
Graduation at 7:00 PM

Friday 6/5: 
Advisory Challenge
Yearbooks go home
Report cards mailed home
Last day of school

Course Updates

Math 8 - Mrs. Tschanz & Mr. Jakcsy
It's been a terrific year! Students completed their last test today (Unit 15 - Surface Area and Volume of 3D Shapes). Next week classes will organize portfolios and preview material for 8th Grade Algebra. Each student will also be receiving an optional summer math packet. This packet provides notes and practice problems (with answers) to help students maintain and grow their math skills over the summer.

Algebra - Mrs. Tschanz 
It's been a terrific year! Students completed their last unit this week and will be taking a final exam (40 multiple choice questions) on Monday (Period 8/9) or Tuesday (Period 1/2) of next week. After the final, students will organize portfolios. Each student will be receiving a summer math packet that will help them prepare for AATH next year. This packet is designed to help students maintain and grow their math skills over the summer.

Language Arts- Mrs. Springer
We continued our short story unit this week and examined the life and works of Poe, London and Marquez.  We will continue our work into next week as we consider the elements of irony and theme.  Our unit will conclude with a Socratic Circle Seminar centered on theme as it relates to universal statements that apply beyond the constraints of time, space and genre. The Children's Book Project culminated in a successful and rewarding trip to LBES on Thursday. A special shout out to Mother Nature as we were graced with a gorgeous day!!

Language Arts- Mrs. McNicholas
This week students worked hard to revise and edit their thematic essays.  With a series of peer edits and one-on-one conferences, students finalized thoughtfully analytical pieces.  Excellent job!  Additionally, students watched a filmed version of "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury to evaluate how the filmed version uses effects to bring the story to life.  

Social Studies- Mrs. Twohig 
This week students worked hard on their "End of the Year " project.  They researched their respective topics, created power points and additional activities to secure the learning, and practiced their presentations with their group.  I am looking forward to seeing what they have created!

Science- Mr. DeYoung 
This week we continued to learn about DNA, chromosomes, genes, and started working with Punnett squares. Next week we will finish using Punnett squares to predict possible outcomes in offspring. We will have our final quiz, covering Punnett squares, on Tuesday 6/2. 

Español - Srta. Horner 
This week in Spanish, students completed a short paragraph about their household chores. Then, students wrote and acted in dialogue videos using directions and chores. Students acted as parents and children, responding to different chores and commands. Thank you to all of the 7th graders for being a great group! Have a great summer!

Français - Mme Szostak 
This week in French students presented their video family photo albums. Students created a visual presentation that includes a description of each family member in French. It's been fun to hear about their families and learn more about each student. As the year wraps up, we will finish the adjective unit. Over the summer, I encourage students to get the app DUOLINGO. This app helps students learn French, but it's a strong program because it includes speaking and listening as well as writing. It would provide review for students while exposing them to some new concepts. Have a fun and safe summer, everyone!

Lights Camera Action- Mrs. Olmstead
The students' final project involves editing GoPro footage from field day using iMovie.  They are demonstrating their ability to analyze and clip, and reassemble footage in a creative way using music and editing effects.  Have a great summer!

Health - Ms. Fink
This week in health, students have been learning about the male & female anatomy & the importance of knowing how the reproductive system works.  As we finish up the trimester, we have been talking about the menstrual cycle & how it impacts girls through puberty.  It has been a great trimester.  Have a wonderful summer.

Visual Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian
7th grade art students finished up their open studio piece and have begun to complete artist statements and finalize all work for the end of the trimester.  


 After School Activities 
It has truly been a pleasure working with many of your sons and daughters in the Athletic Programs at Lake Bluff! Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to this 7th Grade class bearing the flag of Bobcat pride next year as 8th graders.

Bobcat Camp is ON! Camps in Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Basketball will run June 8-11, 15-18. Please see the Sports Zone on the LBMS website to download the registration flyer, due June 5th. Open to any students entering 5th - 8th grade in the fall of '15.

Thank you so much!
- Dan Williams
Athletic Director

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