6th Grade Weekly Update for 11-17-17

Happy Thanksgiving!
We hope you all enjoy some rest and relaxation with family and friends. 
We will not send an update next week.  

Please be sure to let your child's advisory teacher and the office know when your child will be absent from school by 9am.  You can email or leave a message in the attendance voice mailbox.  If your child will be absent more than 1 day, please be sure to send an email with the exact dates of the absence.

News from the Nurse
Absences due to illness fell into two categories this week.  One is a respiratory virus with fever, sore throat, and cough.  It looks influenza like, but the fevers aren't very high.  Students that have been tested for influenza have been negative.  The second illness is a GI bug.  Some students report significant nausea/vomiting for 24 hours, some have reported diarrhea.
Enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend!

Thanksgiving Food Drive 
Thank you to entire Lake Bluff Community who contributed to the Chorus and Reach Out Club Thanksgiving Food Drive.  Over 2000 lbs. of food was collected at the Chorus Concert this past week to help support local families in need.  Your donations will help make the holiday season brighter for many in our community!!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Next Weeks at a Glance
Monday, 11/20
: Set Up for Success/ELO

Tuesday, 11/21
: Set Up for Success/ELO

Wed, 11/22 - Fri, 11/24: Thanksgiving Break
Monday, 11/27: Set Up for Success/ELO

Tuesday, 11/28: 
Set Up for Success/ELO

, 11/29: 
Set Up for Success/ELO

, 11/30: 
Set Up for Success/ELO

, 12/1: Bluffer Assembly; Report Cards 
Course Updates
Social Studies- Mrs. Johnson
Students completed and submitted D.B.Q. essays at the beginning of the week. Individual conferences were held with each student to review essays and determine Learner Characteristics for Trimester One. These assessments will be shared via Trimester One report cards. Students began the examination of Ancient Greece through annotation and whole group discussion of an overview document that had content related to areas of Ancient Greece such as geography, government, religion, culture, the arts, education, mathematics and science. We will continue unit work next week and the following weeks as we connect Social Studies standards to Alexander the Great, the rise of democracy, the city-states of Sparta and Athens, the gods and goddesses, and the amazing developments in science, medicine, math, astronomy, philosophy and the arts.

Science- Mrs. Panjwani
This week in science students learned more about non-visible light. Students did a lab to see if there was any light coming out of a remote control and found out that infrared light is something that works well for remote controls but our eyes cannot detect it. Students also learned that there are other things that our senses cannot detect, like sounds. Students worked on their end of unit presentations and presented on Friday. Next week we will begin the Chemistry Unit. My last day before my maternity leave is Tuesday Nov. 21st. I will be back the first week in March. Dick Driver will be taking over my position for the first three weeks and Alyssa Arwardy will take over after that. I hope you all have a very relaxing holiday season! 

Language ArtsMrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
This week students completed the strategy lessons from our Deep Study of Character Unit.  For the two days before Thanksgiving and after Thanksgiving, they will complete center work reflecting on and showing their understandings from the unit.  After Thanksgiving, they will also complete an assessment to finish up this unit.  They will move into a writing unit once that assessment is done. 
Please encourage your child to read over the holiday!  We have set a reading challenge for LBMS that the students will learn about on Monday.  Stay tuned! 

Advanced Math 1 - Mrs. Carney and Mrs Bishop
Students completed Unit 4 - Variables and Ratios.  Closure questions not completed in class were assigned for homework over the weekend.  The Chapter 4 Individual Test will be on Monday, 11/20 (Carney) and Tuesday 11/21 (Bishop).  Have a great weekend!  

Math 1- Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Bishop
Hello!  I am so thrilled to be back in the classroom, and I have enjoyed meeting all of your kids over the past three days!  This week students were introduced to the concept of variables as a placeholder for an unknown value.  They also worked on using variables to  generalize patterns for any given figure. Next week students will begin to look at how to enlarge figures.

Algebra- Mr. Jakcsy
This week we finished chapter 4, which focused on solving systems of equations. Next week and following Thanksgiving, we’ll dive into chapter 5, which focuses on exponential growth, exponential decay, and sequences.
Español- Srta. Horner
This week in Spanish we started talking about our unique personalities as part of Unidad 2! Students are learning to express things about their personalities and physical traits with "I am" statements. Next week we will play a guessing game, where we try to guess students in the classroom based on their characteristics. Then, we will play the classic board game Guess Who? so students can practice these skills conversationally. 

Français- Mme Szostak
This week in French, students continued to practice the classroom vocabulary. Students played rousing games of FRAPPEZ! with the whole class and that in small-sided games against their row partner. We also talked about ways to study vocabulary. The assessment is set for next Tuesday. 

Health- Miss Fink 
This marks the last week of the first trimester.  As the trimester comes to an end, students are reviewing the changes that occur during puberty and proper hygiene.  Starting next week, Monday, November 20 a new trimester begins and the current students will move to PE.  Have a great weekend.  

STEAM- Mrs. Olmstead
It has been an amazing trimester in the STEAM lab!  The students have created everything from a stop motion movie of a geometric robot to a 3D printed to scale basketball court.  I am so impressed with all of their hard work, creativity, and problem solving skills!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Chorus- Mrs. Cvitkovic

Students completed their first concert of the school year!  An amazing job by all singers!  Remember the Gazebo Lighting on Saturday, December 2nd at 5PM.  Singers should dress in warm winter clothes. 

Visual Art- Mrs. Engel-Julian

This week in art, we wrapped up our trimester with an artist statement and preparing work for the art show.  Please stop by and see some of the great things students are creating!


Week of 11/20 - 11/24
Monday: GBB @ Deerpath 4:15/5:15pm
8BBB Practice 3:45 - 5:45pm, 7BBB Practice 5:45 - 7:00pm
Tuesday: 8BBB Practice 7AM, GBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm
Wednesday: NONE
Thursday: NONE
Friday: NONE

Week of 11/27 - 12/1
Monday: 8BBB Practice 7AM
GBB vs. Edgewood 4:30/5:30pm
Tuesday: BBB vs. Edgewood 4:30/5:30pm
Wednesday: GBB Practice 3:45 - 5:15pm, BBB Practice 5:15 - 7:00pm
Thursday: GBB vs. Neal Academy 4:15/5:15pm
BBB @ Deerpath Gold 4:15/5:15pm
Friday: 7BBB + 7GBB Practice 3:45 - 5:15pm

 After School Activities 

 PTO News

Spiritwear Update 
If you ordered spiritwear, you should have received an email with pickup details. If you missed out, the Lake Bluff PTO will be stocking spiritwear items for sale at Hub & Cycle in Lake Bluff throughout the year. Updated items will be available for the holiday season. Go to http://www.lbhubandcycle.com for store information. 

Bluffer Nights
Make Thanksgiving week easy and take a night (or two) off from cooking. Dine in or take out from Donati's Pizza anytime between November 20-22 to support our schools. Don't forget to mention the Lake Bluff PTO for 20% of your total food order to be donated to the PTO. Check out Donati's menu online at http://donatispizza.com. 

Charleston Wrap & Home Goods
Charleston Wrap orders will be ready for pick up on November 20th from 3:00pm-6:00pm at LBMS. The PTO's ordering portal is still open if you'd like to place an order for items to be shipped to you. You can go to https://www.charlestonwrap.com to shop the more than 500 items offered. Our school ID is 14525. 

Love to Bake?
The LBMS PTO is looking for bakers for our annual boxed holiday treats for the LBMS staff. Any and all baked goods are greatly appreciated. If you'd like to help out, please contact Amy Connell-Donohue at acd@amyconnellphotography.com. Items should be dropped off to Amy by 10:00am on December 14 (755 Mawman Ave.). The holiday treat boxes will be assembled at Amy's from 10:00am-12:00pmon December 14th, if you'd like to help out.  

Want More Information?

Join us on Facebook: Lake Bluff Middle School PTO or visit us online at www.lb65.org/parents/pto.