6th Grade Weekly Update for 4-6-18


PARCC Testing
As you know, LBMS PARCC testing started on Thursday, April 5th.   Testing will continue next week. Please make sure that your child brings in a pair of headphones/earbuds for testing.  In addition we are requesting that parents help to insure that students arrive to school on time, are well rested, and fueled with good breakfast!
For the specific PARCC Assessment Schedule, please click the link below:


Two more weeks until showtime!  General tickets, tshirt orders, and rehearsal dinner pizza orders are still available through the school webstore here.  Crew members who will be at the rehearsal dinner and/or would like to order a shirt can purchase pizza orders/shirt orders there as well! Here is the calendar and the schedule for the next two weeks.  Students may be released early if we are done with their scene for the day, but may stay until the end of rehearsal.  Students are encouraged to bring homework to work on when their scene is not on stage, because there will be down time!  If you have any further questions, please contact aolmstead@lb65.org.  Thank you for all your support, We’re Off to see the Wizard!

Schedule Week of Musical:

  • Monday April 16th- Act 1 Dress Rehearsal until 6pm (cast who are in Act 2 only do not need to attend)

  • Tuesday April 17th- Act 2 Dress Rehearsal until 6pm (cast who are in Act 1 only do not need to attend)

  • Wednesday April 18th- All Cast Dress Rehearsal and Dinner until 8pm

  • Thursday April 19th (no costumes)- All cast and crews bows until 5pm

  • Friday April 20th- musical call times start at 5pm before 7pm performance (specific call times TBD)

  • Saturday April 21st- musical call times begin at noon, specific times TBD.  Showtime 2pm, mandatory strike until 5pm.  

Oz You Ready To Glitz?

Tomorrow (April 7th) from 9 AM - Noon, we will be having a craft and sewing morning to put together headpieces, glitter shoes and add glitz to the kid's costumes. We will be using the LBMS art room (entry that morning will be through the STEAM lab doors).

If you are available and interested, please click on the link below to confirm your participation:


Dress rehearsal costume organizing helpers!

We will need parents who are good at organizing for the respective hours during dress rehearsals on April 16th (3:30PM - 5:30PM), April 16th(3:30PM - 5:30PM) and 18th (3:45PM - 7PM) to help kids get in and out of their costumes. These volunteers will help performers adjust belts, headpieces, etc...and also help students in hanging costumes and tidying up the changing areas. Please click on the following link to volunteer for any or all of the dress rehearsals!!


Thank you in advance for your help!

News from the Nurse

Most students returned from break healthy and well rested.  The primary reason for absence due to illness this week was a stomach virus.  Several other students were absent due to fever. There were no reports of Influenza or Strep this week...Yay!

6th grade Dental Exam Forms are due by May 1st. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this State mandated requirement.
Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 4/9: Set up for Success/L.A. ELO

, 4/10: PARCC

, 4/11: 2:10 Dismissal; PARCC

, 4/12: PARCC

, 4/13: PARCC
Course Updates
Social Studies- Mrs. Johnson
We began our exploration of Ancient China this week. Students performed a "light read" on the unit chapters to select five facts they found to be especially interesting. They developed a "thick question" for each fact, researched and then recorded their findings. Students shared their information and knowledge on Friday. Next week, we will continue to study Ancient China as we consider essential questions related to content.

Science- Mrs. Panjwani
This week in science students tested six food items (milk, honey, rice, oil. water, and egg whites) to look to see if the items had substances like protein, fat, sugar, and starch. The students concluded that water is not a food because it does not have have the four substances. Students will write their first scientific explanation and prove water is not a food with a claim, their evidence, and reasoning next week. Students also presented their Jane Goodall project on Friday in celebration of Jane's birthday this week as well as her receiving a statue in her honor that was presented to her by the Field Museum. 

Language ArtsMrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
This week students completed a little more PARCC prep before delving into our new writing unit: Research-based Informational Writing.  In class, we discussed how journalists are fast and furious with their note-taking while also taking time to pause and organize their information under subtopics.  On Friday, 6th graders learned about Poem in your Pocket Day, which we will celebrate by sharing poems in class and around school on Thursday, April 26th.  Each student will choose one published, well-known poem to share in a dramatic reading or recitation.  This day is a part of National Poetry Month.  Finally students reignited their independent reading, which is what they should focus on for homework this weekend.  

Math- Mrs. Bishop
This week students learned how math magic tricks work by representing step as algebraic expressions!  Students also worked on writing equivalent expressions by using the distributive property and naming the different parts of an expressions (terms, coefficients, constants, variables).  Next week students will focus on writing and solving one-step equations and inequalities from given situations.  The Chapter 7 Test will be on Monday, April 16.    

Advanced Math- Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Bishop

This week students worked on finding the percent of a number and applied this to calculating sale prices, tax, tips, and interest.  Next week students will have a wrap up of 6th grade standards and content.  The Chapter 9 Test will be on Monday, April 16.  

Algebra- Mr. Jakcsy
This week students finished Chapter 9 and reviewed the key concepts from the chapter. Chapter 9 focused on solving quadratic equations and solving one and two-variable inequalities. The Chapter 9 Team Test was on Friday (4/6) and the Chapter 9 Individual Test is on Monday (4/9). Here are the standards being assessed on the Chapter 9 Assessments: 4) Operations & Polynomials, 5) Linear Equations & Inequalities, 6) Systems of Equations & Inequalities, 7) Quadratic Situations & Equations. After the individual test, we’ll begin Chapter 10, which primarily focuses on solving different types of equations with fractional, irrational, and complex solutions.
Español- Srta. Horner
This week we watched "La Leyenda de la Nahuala", a Mexican-produced animated film that highlights an old Latin American legend. We used the opportunity to think about legends we are familiar with through word of mouth and various versions that are told. Movies like La Nahuala are also useful listening exercises as students can make connections between what they hear in the dialogue and what the characters are doing onscreen. 

Français- Mme Szostak
This week in French, students have been encouraged to stretch their speaking skills. We played a game where students had to find le trésor caché by reading a sentence in French. The sentence used an -er verb and some new vocabulary that students had to sound out in order to find the hidden treasure! Students then started on the next round of pastime vocabulary. As a pre-assessment, students worked in groups to sound out the vocabulary word and spell it correctly. This activity reinforces that students are familiar with French sounds and can use them to their advantage in speaking and in writing. We continued to practice the new vocabulary during the week. 

Health- Miss Fink 
This week in health, 6th grade students will be finishing up "Finding Nemo" and reflecting on the relationships and friendships that are developing throughout this movie.  As the week comes to an end, we will be analyzing the different friendship groups and a one-sided versus balanced friendship.  In addition, we will be discussing the time when it is appropriate to end a friendship that does not serve them at this time.  Students will be assessed on the following standards this weekNEHS #1 Comprehend concepts related to health. NEHS#2 Analyze the influences on healthy behaviors. NEHS #4 Use communication skills to enhance health and reduce health risk. NEHS #5 Demonstrate situations  that can help or hinder healthy decision making skills.

Mrs. Olmstead
This week in STEAM, the students are in their final preparations for their presentations on Monday.  The presentations focus on what they learned about their engagement, real-world connections, their SMART goal, challenges, successes, and then sharing their final product.  Please feel free to visit our class STEAM website which contains templates of what the students work on in class and our ISTE learning standards.  Have a great weekend!  

Visual Art- Mrs. Engel-Julian
This week in art, students worked on drawing exercises and began open studio.  Next week, they will be introduced to painting exercises and enjoy more open studio time.  


Monday: Track Practice 3:45-5:00

Tuesday: 6th COED IM VB 7:00AM

Track @ Libertyville HS 4:00PM

Wednesday: 6th COED IM VB 7:00AM

Thursday: 6th COED IM VB 7:00AM

Track Practice 3:45-5:00

Friday: Track Practice 3:45-5:00 (Unless otherwise noted by a coach)

 After School Activities 

 PTO News

May 19th Golf Scramble and 19th Hole After-Party

Everyone is invited to the PTO's first Lake Bluff Golf Scramble and 19th Hole After-Party. It will take place May 19th on the greens of Lake Bluff Golf Club followed by a celebratory party under the golf tent. This is a community-wide fundraiser to benefit Lake Bluff students and schools. Tickets are now available for purchase (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lake-bluff-pto-golf-scramble-and-19th-hole-after-party-tickets-44784702250?). You do not have to golf to join in on the fun. Tickets can be purchased three ways: Golf only ($100), after-party only ($75) or both ($150). The day will be full of golf, games, dinner & drinks, silent auction and live music from Bushwood.

Lake Bluff PTO Ball Drop

What's a Ball Drop fundraiser? Our sponsor, Canopy Trees, will drop balls from a crane on to a hole on the Lake Bluff Golf Course. The owner of the first ball to drop into the hole wins the $1000 prize! Ticket's for the ball drop raffle will go on sale for $5 each on Monday. All students will be bringing home ball drop raffle tickets to sell (optional). Please check your student's backpack for detailed information on Monday

Volunteer for the LBMS PTO 

Would you like to be more involved with the LBMS PTO? We are working on filling the LBMS PTO slate for next school year. If you are interested in chairing a committee, please contact Megan Michael at mmichael11@comcast.net. 

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