6th Grade Weekly Update for 5-8-15


Friendly Requests from the School Nurse

The state mandated Proof of Dental Examination form is due May 15th.  Thank you to those who have turned them in to the office.  I am still missing forms for 60 students, please submit them by 5/15.

If your student needs to take medication while on the Springfield trip, please submit it to me by 5/13.  Medications should be in original containers if possible.  An alternative is to send it in a clearly marked envelope with your student's name, the name of the medication, dosage, and the time to be given.
I will send along Tylenol & ibuprofen with the chaperones.  If there is anything else your student may need, please turn that in by 5/13 as well.

Feel free to call or e-mail me with questions.

Thank you for your time, Kathy Sullivan

Chorus Concert 
Wednesday, May 20th at 7PM!  

Band Concert
Tuesday, May 19th at 7PM


We believe the best way for students and parents to keep track of student progress is via our PowerSchool portal. 

Summer Programming: Registration for our Kaleidoscope program is still underway, and must be completed by May 15 to avoid a $100.00 late fee.  To learn more, click here to see our variety of fun and educational options.  Classes will run Monday through Thursday, June 15-July 9 from 8:15 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  Please contact Carly Quick with any questions or concerns at cquick@lb65.org.  We hope to see you this summer! 

Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 5/11: 2:10 Dismissal

Tuesday, 5/12: Weekly Goal Update

Wednesday, 5/13: Goal Check-in

Thursday, 5/14: Bluffer Buddies 

Friday, 5/15: Springfield Trip 
Course Updates

Social Studies-Mr. Poukey
This week we examined the concept of "greatness" to help us decide whether or not Alexander the Great truly deserved his title. We began analyzing a series of primary source documents in preparation for our writing assignment. We're looking at conquest maps, timelines and excerpts of documents written by ancient philosophers and historian who have studied Alexander the Great closely. Students are starting to choose sides in this great historical debate and the discussions have been deep and enlightening. Current event presenters didn't disappoint! This week's presentations were better than ever as students have honed their presentation skills throughout the year. Next week we'll begin to draft our DBQ essays as we continue to explore our analytical question; How great was Alexander the Great? Be sure to ask you student about the opening number of, Alexander, the broadway musical. 

Science-Mrs. Bailey
This week the 6th grade students watched a video by Disney Nature called Wings of Life which focused on pollinators and their role in helping to create 1/3 of the world's food supply.  This was a great introduction to the relationship between plants and pollinators and is the focus of our next activity.  Students started researching pollinator preferences this week and will expand upon this by choosing one flowering plant to focus on.  This research will help the students write a research paper based on plant and pollinator relationships.

Language Arts-Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
This week students finished up discussing and analyzing Okay for Now.  They also began presenting their Okay for Now information articles to their classmates during a roundtable discussion.  These presentations exemplify how much the 6th graders have grown as readers, writers, and active listeners/speakers this year.  Next week, students will begin our final reading unit of the year by delving into the life of Roald Dahl through his autobiography, Boy.  As they read Dahl's childhood stories, students will explore summarizing, vocabulary, and the elements of personal narrative.  Word study, Compass Learning, and IR continue. 

Math-Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Rote Kay

This week, in addition to spring PARCC testing, we began to introduce the distributive property and how it is used to solve equations. Next week's activities will include the quiz on like terms, an algebra readiness assessment, and practice solving equations using the distributive property.

Español - Srta. Horner

This week Spanish estudiantes explored more with -AR verbs! We started to look at other -AR verbs and how they fall into a pattern. With that, we created "visual verb" drawings - some students are getting very creative! Next week we will dive into asking more questions using these verbs. 

Français-Mme Szostak
This week students continued to practice making sentences negative. Students continue to practice in various communicative ways, with partners, answering questions about themselves, and in written sentences. They will have their quiz on this lesson next Tuesday.

Health-Ms. Fink 
This week in health, 6th graders have started the drug education unit which is called Life Skills Training.  We will address areas such as positive self-esteem, decision making, resisting peer pressure, and the ill-effects that drugs and alcohol can have on the teen body.  If you have any questions throughout the unit please do not hesitate to ask.  Have a great weekend!

Intro to Drama-Mrs. Olmstead
The students performed their original myths this week after plenty of hard work rehearsing!  Our next unit is on solo storytelling, which is an introduction to the monologue.  

Chorus- Mrs. Cvitkovic

Visual Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian

6th grade art students are learning about clay hand-building techniques while they create their ceramic art.  They are practicing how to create a sculptural form that is structurally sound, has surface texture and includes the additive and subtractive process.  We will discuss the stages of clay and firing process next week.


Monday: Golf Practice 3:45pm
Tuesday: Golf Practice 3:45pm
Wednesday: ALPHA Golf @ Deerpath Golf Course (6 Golfers only)
Thursday: NONE
Friday: TBD (Depends on course availability at LBGC)

BOBCAT CAMP IS BACK! The annual summer tradition runs June 8-11, and 15-18. Volleyball, Field Hockey and Basketball. Open to all Students entering grades 5 - 8 in the '15-16 school year. See the website or Mr. Williams for a downloadable flyer!

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