Final 6th Grade Weekly Update for 2014-2015

Last Update
This week's is our final update of the year.  We have enjoyed 
our time with your children.  Have a wonderful summer! 

LBMS Summer Reading Assignment
Lake Bluff Middle School now has a summer reading assignment!  All of our students will read 5 books over the summer and write the titles on their READO board. You choose the row and the books! Be sure to write the title of each book you read and get a parent to initial for each book. You will have 1 “READO” complete before coming back to school in August. “READO” = 5 boxes in a row  (across, down, diagonal)  However, you don’t need to stop there- 3 READO’s will earn you a prize.  Like a challenge?  Fill your whole board, earn a special prize and be entered in the raffle for a DELUXE prize!

We encourage all 6th graders to do some laptop care and maintenance to prepare to hand them in on Thurs, 6/4.
    1. Transfer any files you wish to keep to a flash drive.
    2. Delete files you no longer need/want.
    3. Empty the laptop bag of any unnecessary items.
    4. Locate everything that was issued with the laptop, included 
        all parts to the charger and bag.

Lost and Found
Our Lost and Found is overflowing with clothing, lunch boxes and other miscellaneous items. Any lost and found items not claimed by Friday, June 5 will be donated to a charity.

Library Books
All library books/fines are due and need to be turned in as soon as possible. Any questions can be emailed to Miss Smith at  

Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 6/2: Goal Letter

Tuesday, 6/3: Goal Letter 

Wednesday, 6/3: Student-Staff Softball Game-1 p.m.  and Talent Show 2:30 p.m.

Thursday, 6/4: Laptop Turn-in

Friday, 6/5: 2:10 Dismissal; Locker Cleanout; Yearbook Signing; Last Day of School; Report Cards mailed home  
Course Updates
Social Studies-Mr. Poukey
This week, students completed their DBQ final draft essays about the legendary Alexander the Great of Macedonia! The essays are strong and the claims of greatness (or lack thereof) are solidly supported with evidence from the documents students analyzed over the past couple of weeks. I think students enjoyed examining and writing about the life and times of this famous, yet sometimes controversial historical figure. We took a musical look back at the ancient civilizations we studied this year and discussed our favorite civilizations and some of our most memorable historical figures. We finished the week with several outstanding current events presentations. The post presentation discussions were rich and meaningful, as always. Students loved current events Friday this year and embraced their opportunity to present news from around the world. Students improved their presentation skills with each and every performance. They stood in front of their peers prepared, poised and passionate about their article choices. Very impressive!

What a great year it’s been! Thanks for letting me travel back in time with your amazing children this year. It’s been a blast (from the past)!

Science-Mrs. Bailey
This week the students continued peer editing their pollination papers and turned in their final copies.  We also began preparing for Trebuchet Days, our 3 day long cross-curricular activity.  The students will work together to learn about trebuchets and design their own model to enter into the 6th grade competition.  Students are competing to see who's trebuchet design will launch a projectile the farthest.  It's a great activity to end the year with, combining math, science, and social studies skills and the kids really enjoy it.  Have a great summer!
Language Arts-Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
We continued reading Boy while discussing vocabulary, summarizing, and author's craft.  We finished up the week with the students attending the Lollipop Book Swap in the LMC.  Each student was allowed to take and keep one book to kick off summer reading!  Please ask your child about his or her swap selection.  Since this is the last update for the year, Mrs. Hominick and Mrs. Dunn want to share that they so excited about the LBMS Summer Reading Assignment! Your child has received his or her READO board to keep track of his or her reading over the summer.  The minimum, per the information above, is 5 books.  It is very important to continue reading to stay sharp with reading skills. Below you will find a few links to some sites that provide good reading lists.  Students have also received a recommendation list that they can find on the school website along with extra READO boards.  Have a great summer! 

Links to book lists

Math-Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Rote Kay
The students have been busy this week calculating the theoretical and experimental probabilities of a number of "experiment" that they have done in class. The students should all be familiar with: sample space, random, and simple and compound events. We will wrap up the year by calculating area and volume of circles. The students will be bringing home a summer math packet that will be reviewed the first week of school. Mrs. Tschanz, who teaches 7th grade math, will have a copy of it on her school web site. Have an awesome and adventurous summer.

Español - Srta. Horner
Spanish speakers are finishing up this last unit with their own party invitations! Students made up invitations using question words. Then, we had an in-class walkabout to show off what they created to their classmates. Today, we had our last diálogo for the year! Next week we will wrap up with some reflection and sharing our favorite things from Spanish this year. I look forward to working with the kids again next year in 7th grade Spanish! Thanks for a great year!

Français-Mme Szostak
This week in French, students worked on numbers 1- 100! Numbers are fun to learn because there are so many games and activities that use numbers. Students also made the connection between the numbers and telling digital time. To keep up with French over the summer, students can do DUOLINGO in French. This is a free app that teaches you French and also includes speaking and listening as well as writing. Or watch a movie but change the language to French. Subtitles can be in English, but just hearing the French is excellent exposure. There are also many games and review that students can access on Quizlet to keep vocabulary fresh. I hope everyone has a wonderful, healthy summer and I look forward to seeing these fabulous people next year!!

Health-Ms. Fink 
This week in health, students have been finishing up the trimester learning about puberty & proper hygiene.  In addition, we have briefly gone over the female & male anatomy as well as the major changes that occur to each gender during puberty.  It has been a great trimester.  The end of the trimester is today, Friday, May 29th. Have a great weekend and summer.

Intro to Drama-Mrs. Olmstead
Our final unit is exploring the world of improvisation!  The students are learning how to generate ideas, be creative, listen to their classmates, and collaborate to create an improvised story.  Have a great summer everyone!

Visual Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian

6th grade art students glazed their ceramic sphere piece and finished up their open studio work.  We will also complete artist statements and finalize all work for the end of the trimester.  


It has truly been a pleasure working with many of your sons and daughters in the Athletic Programs at Lake Bluff! Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to this 6th Grade class bearing the flag of Bobcat pride next year as 7th graders.

Bobcat Camp is ON! Camps in Volleyball, Field Hockey, and Basketball will run June 8-11, 15-18. Please see the Sports Zone on the LBMS website to download the registration flyer, due June 5th. Open to any students entering 5th - 8th grade in the fall of '15.

Thank you so much!
- Dan Williams
Athletic Director

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