6th Grade Weekly Update for 5-15-15


Band Concert: Tuesday, 7:00 pm (Call time 6:45 pm)
Chorus Concert: Wednesday, 7:00 pm (Call time 6:30 pm)

Auditions for Encore! 2015-16 will start the week of May 26th. There will be Dance workshops on Tuesday, May 26th during lunch and after school until 4:15 PM.  Dance auditions will be Thursday, May 28th at 7:45 AM or 3:45 PM.  More information will be on the music call board. Singing auditions are done on an individual basis throughout the week. Good Luck!

We believe the best way for students and parents to keep track of student progress is via our PowerSchool portal. 

Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 5/18: Weekly Goal Updates 

Tuesday, 5/19: MAP Testing 

Wednesday, 5/20: MAP Testing

Thursday, 5/21: 5th Grade Visit; 6th graders (who attended LBES) visit LBES

Friday, 5/22: Bluffer Field Day; PM Assembly Schedule 
Course Updates
Social Studies-Mr. Poukey
This week we continued to analyze primary and secondary source documents in an effort to determine whether or not Alexander the Great possessed the character traits reserved for great people. Sixth grade historians are divided on this question, just like historians have been over the course of time. Students are doing an outstanding job analyzing and annotating the documents in preparation to write their final essays. We spent some time this week discussing the differences between representative democracies and direct democracies in preparation for our Springfield visit. Students are eager to visit the state capitol this weekend! Current event presenters focused on pressing global issues in their awesome presentations! Next week we'll analyze the last of our DBQ documents and begin drafting, editing and rewriting our DBQ essays. 

Science-Mrs. Bailey
The students continued researching their plant of choice.  They worked to research the structures of the plant and determine which pollinator would be the best match for the plant.  They will be using this research to write a paper using the following prompt:  Analyze the relationship between a pollinator and plant and argue from evidence that the pollinators behaviors and structures work in tandem with the plant to ensure reproduction. The students will begin working on the writing piece next week.
Language Arts-Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
Students started a new reading unit in Language Arts this week. We are reading Boy: Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl. This week we discussed the autobiographical genre, learned background information on Roald Dahl, and began to consider author's craft. There is a lot of rich language and sensory detail in this book, and as we read, students will analyze author's word choice and connotation. Additionally, we learned how to and began to summarize a text void of personal opinion. Compass Learning, word study, and IR continue. Next week students will complete the L.A. MAP test on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Math-Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Rote Kay
This week's activities included the quiz on like terms, an algebra readiness assessment, and practice solving equations using the distributive property.  Next week students will complete the math MAP test on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Español - Srta. Horner
This week Spanish speakers finished up Verbos Visuales! The drawings exemplify their understanding of the meanings and patterns of -AR verbs. We also started to talk about using simple intonation and question marks to turn basic statements into yes or no questions. Next week we'll start to talk about the "Who? What? Why?" etc. 

Français-Mme Szostak
This week in French students were assessed on two lessons and being able to say how they do something and that they don't do things. We then did some oral practice with students responding to personal questions about their pastimes, favorite classes, and music that they like. Next week, we explore French pop music and learn numbers 40-100.

Health-Ms. Fink 
This week in health, students have been moving along in the Life Skills Training program.  We have been learning about how to make proper decisions using the THREE C's.  In addition, students have been learning about the myths and realities of smoking as well as the ill-effects smoking has on the body.  Next week, we will discuss the issues behind teen drinking and marijuana use.  Have a great weekend. 

Music - Ms. Cvitkovic
We have just finished our original Melodies this week.  We will start our chime unit next week followed by the Ukeleles!

Visual Art - Mrs. Engel-Julian

6th grade art students finished their ceramics sphere problem, where they were challenged to create a sculptural form that was structurally sound, had surface texture and included the additive and subtractive process.  We will discuss the stages of clay, firing process, and glaze their work next week.


Monday: Golf Practice 3:45pm
Tuesday: Golf Practice 3:45pm
Wednesday: ALPHA Golf @ Lake Bluff Golf Course 4:00pm
Thursday: Golf @ Heather Ridge Golf Course 4:00pm
Friday: None

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