6th Grade Weekly Update for 3-23-18

PARCC Testing: April 5th, 6th, and 10th-13th
As you know, we will be starting our PARCC testing on Thursday, April 5thPlease make sure that your child brings in a pair of headphones/earbuds for testing.  In addition we are requesting that parents help to insure that students arrive to school on time, are well rested, and fueled with good breakfast!
For the specific PARCC Assessment Schedule, please click the link below:

THANK YOU to all who participated, especially parents who came to help us on site!!! Together, we packed 159 boxes which equates to 34,344 meals that will feed 94 children for an entire year!!! We also donated just over $700 :)!  What an accomplishment for our sixth graders and example of the fine and important work we are capable of doing. Together, we CAN make positive change in the WORLD!!!

Springfield Trip
This year's Springfield Trip will be on May 11th, 2018. It is a one day trip. There is still time to sign up! Reminder: All medical forms should be returned directly to Hemisphere Travel via fax, email, or USPS mail. 

Lake Forest-Lake Bluff LDA Spring Marche 
Spring is Here!
The Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) is gearing up for its beloved and highly anticipated biennial Spring Marché shopping boutique on Thursday, April 26 at The Lake Forest Club.Funds raised from Spring Marché support the LDA’s "Make A Difference" grant program, which annually awards a wide variety of supportive equipment and educational and emotional programs to Lake Forest and Lake Bluff public schools, The School of Saint Mary and Lake Forest Country Day School. Grants awarded total $370,000 to date and include funding for sensory suites in Deerpath Middle School, (named the “Go Zone”), Lake Bluff Elementary School and Lake Forest Country Day School.  This year, Spring Marché will be open for daytime shopping from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Tickets can be purchased online at www.lflblda.com for $15 or at the door for $20. Besides providing what promises to be an amazing day of shopping, reconnecting with friends and supporting our students, we hope that this event will extend community awareness of the LDA’s work within our community.

Wizard of OZ Update 3.23

General Admission tickets for Friday and Saturday are still available!  Tickets can also be purchased at the door. You can purchase them using the webstore link here along with rehearsal dinner pizza and shout-outs for the program (closes April 6th).

Rehearsals after spring break go until 5:30 pm! Please remember that we honored conflicts for the first week after break but that the last two weeks before the show the students will be called on different dates than their regular schedule so that we can run multiple scenes in a row for lights, sound, and running crews.  Homework is encouraged for down time in between scenes! Please let aolmstead@lb65.org know if you have any questions about the April calendar.  Have a wonderful, safe, and relaxing spring break!  

Schedule Week of Musical:

Monday April 16th- Act 1 Dress Rehearsal until 6pm (cast who are in Act 2 only do not need to attend)

Tuesday April 17th- Act 2 Dress Rehearsal until 6pm (cast who are in Act 1 only do not need to attend)

Wednesday April 18th- All Cast Dress Rehearsal and Dinner until 8pm

Thursday April 19th- All cast and crews bows until 5pm

Friday April 20th- musical call times start at 5pm before 7pm performance (specific call times TBD)

Saturday April 21st- musical call times begin at noon, specific times TBD.  Showtime 2pm, mandatory strike until 5pm.

News from the Nurse
Respiratory viruses are still lingering. I'm happy to report that there were no new cases of Influenza this week. Just today, several students were reported absent due to a stomach virus with vomiting. I'm hopeful that having the week off will allow us to return healthy and rested.
Enjoy your break!
Next Weeks at a Glance

Monday, 3/26-Monday, 4/2: Spring Break

Tuesday, 4/3: School resumes; Math ELO

Wednesday, 4/4: Set Up for Success/FA ELO

Thursday, 4/5: ELA PARCC 

Friday, 4/6: ELA PARCC 
Course Updates
Social Studies- Mrs. Johnson
Students prepared for and completed an assessment of essential questions related to content for Ancient India. We participated in a successful service trip experience to Feed My Starving Children. Please see details above! Have a lovely Spring Break!!!

Science- Mrs. Panjwani
This week students took a deeper look into the work of Jane Goodall. Students watched "Jane" the documentary by National Geographic on her life's work and efforts to save the chimpanzees. Students also took a mini quiz on the vocabulary terms we have covered in the first two lessons. When we return from spring break students will continue lesson 3 and learning about food labels and components in food needed for survival. Have a wonderful Spring Break! 

Language ArtsMrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
This week students completed Bend Three of the Tapping the Power of Nonfiction reading unit.  Both Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick were impressed with the mini-TED-style talks students gave on Wednesday about their Bend Three topics.  All of the students showed off at least some critical presentation skills-nice job to all!  Please ask your child about the learning that took place during this unit.  After spring break, we will dive into informational writing by bridging from this most recent unit into a writing st
udy of teen activism.  Over the break, the 6th graders have been tasked with this Spring Break Reading Challenge
-please encourage your child to relax and read this break! 

Advanced Math- Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Carney 
This week students used portions to determine and compare percentages.  They worked on finding a percent of a whole along with determining the part or percentage.  Students also had time to work on PARCC Practice Tests.  They continue to work on these problems using the link found 
Students will take their Ch. 9 Test April 16.  

Math- Mrs. Bishop
This week students learned how to use a reciprocal to find the unit rates of complex fractions. For example, if Joe uses 3/4 gallon of paint to cover 2/5 of a fence, how much paint would it take to cover the entire fence?  Students also had time to work on PARCC Practice questions. 
is the link to Math PARCC practice tests.  Students can continue to practice these questions at home.  
Students will take their Ch.. 7 test April 16. 

Algebra- Mr. Jakcsy
This week, students learned how to graph linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities. Students also learned how to use inequalities to model real-world applications. When we return from break, students will review the key concepts from chapter 9 prior to the unit assessments. The Chapter 9 Team Test will take place on Friday 4/6 and the Chapter 9 Individual Test will take place on Monday 4/9.
Español- Srta. Horner
This week in Spanish we learned about telling time! Telling time is a useful tool to talk about plans we have throughout the day and trying to make plans with others. We had a quiz over activities and things we like to do - retakes for the quiz will be available after break. Relax, rest, and enjoy! 

Français- Mme Szostak
This week in French, students again worked on improving their French pronunciation and accents when they worked with the latest Conversation Culturelle. This particular dialogue focus on the nasal sounds and the beautiful French R sound. It also provides students with conversational vocabulary that they may not learn in a more concrete vocabulary list. Students practice reciting with each other, with a recording, and then in front of the class. Lastly, they record themselves speaking  in Garage Band and turn it in to be assessed. It's on their laptops. I encourage you to ask to hear the latest recording to see far they've come.  After break, students will learn more pastime vocabulary and will continue to improve their conversational skills as they talk about how often they do these activities or how much they enjoy them. Have a wonderful break!

Health- Miss Fink 
This week in health, students will be continuing to discuss overcoming hardships and obstacles and how they relate to empathy and self-esteem.  As the week comes to a close, we will begin to discuss healthy and unhealthy friendships and how to foster healthy friendships. Check out my website which has all of the health standards for the 6th grade health classes. https://sites.google.com/lb65.org/missfinkshealthwebsite/home.
Have a great spring break.

STEAM- Mrs. Olmstead
Our 6th graders have almost completed their first engagement!  After break they will begin working on their presentation that they will share with the class.  Check out our class website which shares the engagements and learning standards.  Have a wonderful spring break! 

Visual Art- Mrs. Engel-Julian
This week in art, students were introduced to the drawing center and finished designing their sketchbook covers.  We will begin looking over our proficiency standards and working on sketchbook skill builders when we return from spring break.  


 After School Activities 

 PTO News

Save the Date -- May 19th Golf Scramble and 19th Hole After-Party

The Lake Bluff PTO is excited to be hosting its first Lake Bluff Golf Scramble and 19th Hole After-Party. It will take place May 19th on the greens of Lake Bluff Golf Club followed by a celebratory party under the golf tent. This is a community-wide fundraiser to benefit Lake Bluff students and schools. Tickets will be available for purchase three ways: Golf Scramble, After-Party or a combination of both. More information will be posted right after Spring Break but the day will be full of golf, games, dinner & drinks, silent auction and live music from Bushwood!

Toiletry Collection for the 8th Grade Graduation Service Project

Again this year, the 8th graders will be doing a service project for Fill a Heart 4 Kids during graduation-week festivities. We will be trying to fill 40 backpacks with food and supplies for homeless children. If you are traveling for Spring Break, please consider collecting unused toiletries from your hotel room and contributing them (or any you already have at home) to the backpacks. We will have boxes at the school the week that we return from break to collect the items. Thank you!

Volunteer for the LBMS PTO 

Would you like to be more involved with the LBMS PTO? We are working on filling the LBMS PTO slate for next school year. If you are interested in chairing a committee, please contact Megan Michael at mmichael11@comcast.net. 

Want More Information?

Join us on Facebook: Lake Bluff Middle School PTO or visit us online at www.lb65.org/parents/pto.