6th Grade Weekly Update for 2-2-18


Musical Update- Wizard of OZ!

Thank you to all the parents for attending the informational meeting this past week!  If you were unable to attend, you can download the helpful parent tips.  Additionally, if you didn’t have a chance to fill out the parent volunteer form, the link is provided here. Scheduling questions?  Questions about the musical website?   Didn’t receive an email welcoming you and your child to the cast? Please contact Mrs. Olmstead at aolmstead@lb65.org.   Thank you for all your support!

We are also looking for some parents to take photos during rehearsals.  Please contact Mrs. Olmstead if you are available and interested-dates are flexible!  

Mrs. Engel-Julian is planning a set construction date for Saturday, February 24th from 8:30-3:00 on the stage.  If you are able to come help build, please send her an email at jengeljulian@lb65.org.

News from the Nurse

This week's update is almost identical to last week.  The "Influenza Like Illness" is causing the most absences.  Students are presenting with low grade fevers, sore throats, nasal congestion, and coughs.  The coughs are lingering for at least a week.  Several students were tested for Strep and Influenza, there were no confirmed cases of either.

The GI virus is also causing a few absences. This presents with frequent vomiting & diarrhea that lasts for 12-16 hours, followed by two days of moderate nausea and fatigue.

Even combined, our total absences are only in the 3-4% of our student population....well below the point of reporting and urgent concern.

Lake Forest-Lake-Bluff LDA Information
Lake Forest-Lake Bluff LDA Spring Marche Flyer

Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 2/5: Set Up for Success; ELO

, 2/6: Set Up for Success; ELO

, 2/7: Set Up for Success; ELO

, 2/8: Set Up for Success; ELO

, 2/9: Paired Advisory Lesson 
Course Updates
Social Studies- Mrs. Johnson
Students completed the research phase related to their "thick" questions for Ancient Egypt and then entered the formatting phase for presentations. Presentations will occur on Monday and Tuesday of the coming week. Students are honing formatting skills as they consider audience, amount of text per slide, legibility of text and speaking from a base of knowledge and understanding directly to audience members rather than reading from slides.

Science- Ms. Arwady for Mrs. Panjwani
What a week! We had our science quiz on chemistry lessons 6-9 and the scores were quite impressive! The main highlight of the week was when the students were introduced to different odors and asked to hypothesize what they were during a lab. The students learned how different configurations of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen can result in some seriously different substances! The guesses were hilarious, ranging from WWII museum to chicken to pina colada-we won't ask how they know that smell! We then discussed what the scents were supposed to be and had the students reexamine the odors again. It was a fun way to wrap up lesson 10 and continue our chemistry studies.

Language Arts
Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
6th graders kicked off the week by sharing and celebrating their favorites of the three literary essays they wrote in our previous argument writing unit.  Then students began exploring non-fiction texts in our new reading unit, Tapping the Power of Non-fiction.  They started by completing a preview activity with a variety of National Geographic texts to warm up for sharing their thoughts about non-fiction chapter books they were given to preview on Wednesday.  By Thursday, students had their non-fiction chapter books and created calendars for their reading.  They are expected to follow their calendars, read, and annotate the texts to be ready to discuss in book clubs everyday in class.  Please ask your child about his or her non-fiction book!  IDR is still an expectation as well-students should be keeping track of both books on their reading logs.  

Math- Mrs. Bishop
This week in math students began to work with fractions as division problems.  Students worked with licorice to determine how to share fairly among different sized groups and with various amounts of licorice.  Students will explore dividing fractions by fractions.  Students should be familiar with how to do long division.  I encourage them to practice this skill using their Khan Academy account if they are struggling. Students have a Compass Learning Quiz due Monday. 
Advanced Math- Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Carney
Students took their Chapter 6 test this week.  They started Chapter 7 which is understanding rate and unit rates.  Students have a Compass Learning Quiz due Monday. 

Algebra- Mr. Jakcsy
This week students continued modeling exponential growth and decay situations with appropriate equations. We also learned about fractional exponents and how to convert all types of roots into exponents. Next week we’ll review chapter 7 and complete the team test on Tuesday 2/6 and the Individual Test on Wednesday 2/7. Chapter 8 will focus on factoring polynomials.
Español- Srta. Horner
This week in Spanish students learned more about Spanish verbs and how to identify them! We spent time practicing how to change them to fit our subject. We played a fun battleship game to practice these verbs! We also read a story about Cornelius the Zombie, where we learned new words and used the words we know to help us understand it. Next week students will do a project where they'll make visual aids to help them remember different activity words. 

Français- Mme Szostak
This week in French, students learned the subject pronouns (je, tu, il, nous, etc). These words are the foundation of many sentences and are stepping stone to using verbs in context. Students learned the difference culturally between the words TU and VOUS and when to use IL vs ILS. At the end of the week they created a house of pronouns using pictures of their classmates to show their understanding of the words. Next week, we begin Mardi Gras preparations!

Health- Miss Fink 
This week in health, students have been working through the Life Skills Training program for drug and alcohol prevention.  We have discussed the importance of a positive self-image, a good decision making plan, and the ill-effects of smoking and alcohol.  As next week begins, we will be discussing the ill-effects of marijuana, coping with anxiety and anger, and resisting peer pressure.  Have a great weekend.  

STEAM- Mrs. Olmstead
The students continue to work creatively and productively on their second engagements- they are about half way through their projects and working towards their SMART goals.  Have a great weekend!

Chorus- Mrs. Cvitkovic

Visual Art- Mrs. Engel-Julian
Students continued to work on open studio and were introduced to the fiber center this week.  Next week the digital center will be opened.

Band- Mr. Beese


Extracurricular Activities 
Chess Club 
Chess club will meet after school, Tuesday, Feb 6th at 3:30in Mrs. Twohig's room.

Reach Out

Students, please join Reach Out during your lunch period on Wednesday, February 7th to pack Valentine goody bags for Fill A Heart for Kids. Meet in Mrs. Huddlestun's room during lunch. You will receive 30 minutes service time AND a Valentine treat. Please consider bringing a bag of Valentine candy to donate.  b


 PTO News

Save the Date -- May 19th Golf Scramble and 19th Hole After-Party

Preparation is underway for our bi-annual fundraising event. This year, the PTO is excited to be hosting it’s first Lake Bluff PTO Golf Scramble and 19th Hole After-Party, which will take place on May 19th on the greens of the Lake Bluff Golf Course followed by a celebratory party under the golf tent. Mark your calendars now so that you can join in on the fun! More information is to come, but the day is shaping up to be a rockin' time. 

8th Grade Graduation

The 8th Grade Graduation Committee could still use a few helping hands. The ceremony date is set for Thursday, June 7th at 7:00 pm with a dance immediately following at the Winter Club. The PTO is looking for a few more parents to volunteer for the planning committee, and more specifically to help with the dance. If you're interested, please contact Ann Kozel (annkozel@hotmail.com) or Michelene Tomek (mtomek@lfschools.net). Your help is greatly appreciated. 


Spirit Wear

Love the look of Lake Bluff's spirit wear? The PTO has stocked spirit wear items for sale at Hub & Cycle in Lake Bluff throughout the year. Go to http://www.lbhubandcycle.com for store information. 

Want More Information?

Join us on Facebook: Lake Bluff Middle School PTO or visit us online at www.lb65.org/parents/pto.