6th Grade Weekly Update for 11-10-17


LBMS Thanksgiving Food Drive

The LBMS Choirs and the Reach Out Club are collecting food donations at the Fall Choral Concert on Wednesday, November 15th for the Phoenix Rising Foundation that supports local families.  We are hoping each family can bring in 2-5 lbs of food (canned fruits & veggies, cereal, etc…) to help make a wonderful holiday season for families in need.  More information can be found on this link http://ms.lb65.org/common/pages/DisplayFile.aspx?itemId=31973979

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

News From the Nurse

Most absences this week were due to non-contagious health reasons. The most prevalent illness reported this week was a respiratory virus. Symptoms included head congestion, sore throat, and cough, a few students also ran low grade fevers. There have been no reports of Strep or Influenza....Yay!

Robotics & Engineering 101

This is an annual event for our LBMS ladies held at Woodlands Academy. Interested girls will attend building workshops, create a catapult, and learn about coding & programming. The event will be Saturday, Nov. 18th from 9AM to 12:30PM. Girls can register by going to www.woodlandsacademy.org/robotics-engineering-101. You can contact Mrs. Komac for more information!

Want more information about the PTO?

Join us on Facebook: Lake Bluff Middle School PTO or visit us online at www.lb65.org/parents/pto.

Helping Out a Family in Need
On Labor Day, our neighbors lost their house to a catastrophic fire which has left them without their home, personal possessions, and their sweet dog, Demi. What wasn't destroyed by the fire was ruined by the water, leaving them with only the clothing on their backs. Our hearts are breaking and many want to help this family rebuild their lives. To that effort, I have set up a drop location at the Shields Township Office, where you can leave basic necessities such as gently used clothing (women’s size L and men’s size L), toiletries, gift cards to Jewel, Target, Home Depot, or local restaurants. Their daughter has a GoFundMe page (https://www.gofundme.com/help-my-family-get-back-on-their-ft), where you can donate, also. Thank you in advance for your generous support; they are grateful for all of the help! Sincerely, Caty Weston 
Please drop off items to Mrs. Johnson's room or at:
Shields Township Offices
c/o Terry Darraugh, Shields Township Supervisor
906 W. Muir Avenue (2nd Floor) Lake Bluff 


Executive Functions and the Teenage Brain

Presenter: Dr. Georgia Bozeday, Rush Neurobehavioral Center- Education Department

Monday, November 20, 2017 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm (includes a Q&A)

Lake Forest High School (Raymond Moore Auditorium)

Back by popular demand… Dr. Bozeday will explore the unique and sometimes confounding nature of the teenage brain.  Research technology in the twenty-first century provides us with exciting opportunities to study the ever-changing human brain from infancy through the senior years.  Accordingly, we can now better understand adolescent behavior and examine best approaches in parenting and teaching.  Questions from topics based on research in educational neuroscience that will be incorporated into Dr. Bozeday's presentation include: *  Is high school too late for kids to develop executive function skills like developing better organizational skills, maintaining routines, managing time, and balancing school work, extra-curricular activities, and family? *  What role does sleep play in the development of the teenage brain? *  When are stress and anxiety motivating and when do these emotions get in the way? *  Is media helping or detracting from our kids' ability to succeed?


The presentation will focus on middle school and high school age students. All are welcome!

Presentation by Author, Julie Lythcott-Haims

Monday, December 4

7:00 p.m.

Lake Forest High School

Raymond Moore Auditorium

1285 McKinley Rd.

Lake Forest, IL 60045

Julie Lythcott-Haims is the author of the New York Times best-selling book How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success (2015) and Real American: A Memoir (2017). She is deeply interested in what prevents people from living meaningful, fulfilling lives.

How to Raise an Adult emerged from Julie’s decade as Stanford University’s Dean of Freshmen, where she was known for her fierce advocacy for young adults and her critique of the growing trend of parental involvement in the day-to-day lives of college students. She received the university’s Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Award for creating “the” atmosphere that defines the undergraduate experience, and toward the end of her tenure as dean she began speaking and writing widely on the harm of helicopter parenting. How to Raise an Adult has been published in over two dozen countries and gave rise to a TED talk that became one of the top TED Talks of 2016 as well as a sequel which will be out in 2018.

Lake Forest Book Store has generously offered a 15% discount on the purchase of the book if you mention this event!


Co-sponsored by Lake Forest High School District 115, Lake Forest District 67, and LEAD

Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 11/13: Set Up for Success/ELO

Tuesday, 11/14
: Set Up for Success/ELO

Wednesday, 11/15
: Set Up for Success/ELO; Chorus Concert

Thursday, 11/16
: Set Up for Success/ELO; Band Concert

Friday, 11/17: Bluffer Lesson; End of Trimester One 
Course Updates
Social Studies- Mrs. Johnson
Students embraced their inner Word Nerd (It's a Revolution!) this week as we collaborated to work the first DBQ of their middle school experience. We analyzed a background essay and documents from primary and secondary sources to determine a position statement for the question, "Why Did the Empire of Ancient Rome Fall?" We were able to reach consensus between the six classes to highlight failures in the military, natural disasters and corruption in the government. We completed an outline using a think tank model to brainstorm analogies and pull the most provocative evidence from our materials to support our statements. Students then worked individually to complete the essay process by transferring outline notes to a formatted essay. Ask your student about the connections to the collapse of the Roman Empire and current concerns for our modern civilization! 

Science- Mrs. Panjwani

This week in science students learned the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse. Students also learned how rainbows are formed and got to work with prisms and flashlights to see how white light breaks up into color components. Students also had a mini quiz on Thursday about these concepts. Students were also introduced to their end of unit group project, which will be due the following Friday. 

Language ArtsMrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
This week the 6th graders continued their Deep Study of Character by considering how setting shifts-whether physical or psychological-affect the characters in their books.  They continued to lift the level of their thinking with their annotating on sticky notes and composing of Reader's Notebook pages.  Please ask your child about what he or she is learning about character development! Next week we will move towards the end of the unit by digging even deeper and consider how character development conveys themes. 

Advanced Math 1 - Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Rote-Kay

This week in Advanced Math 1students have been working on writing and evaluating algebraic expressions.  Students have been looking at multiple examples of equivalent expressions and using variables to represent an unknown.  Next week we will begin using ratios to investigate similar figures, including reducing and enlarging geometric shapes.  The Chapter 4 Individual Test is currently scheduled for Tuesday, November 21st.

Math- Mrs. Rote-Kay
This week the students completed their study of Chapter 3 - Portions and Integers. The test will be Tuesday, November 14. The Closure questions have been assigned to help the students review. Chapter 4 - Variables and Ratios will begin Wednesday, which is also the day that Mrs. Bishop will be back!

Algebra- Mr. Jakcsy
This week students wrote and solved systems of equations using equal values, substitution, and elimination. Next week we'll review each of the methods and complete the chapter 4 team challenge assessment on Wednesday 11/15 and the chapter 4 individual assessment on Thursday 11/16.

Español- Srta. Horner
This week in Spanish we had our Unidad 1 assessments. These assessments included a written paragraph with editing and feedback, a conversation with me, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. All of these assessments align to World Language proficiency targets and standards for sixth graders. Next week, we will begin Unidad 2 with some pre-assessments, so that I can gain insight on what students already know about the topic of being a unique individual.
Français- Mme Szostak
This week in French, students learned the colors! It's a fun and light-hearted topic and we've done some fun activities with colors. Students created color-by-numbers and then shared them with their classmates. We also did some communicative activities like giving the colors of certain animals, trying to guess the color of a variety of vocabulary, and trying to guess which colors a group of classmates had. Next week, we start classroom objects. 

Health- Miss Fink 
This week in health, students have been learning about the external and internal changes that occur with puberty.  In addition, we have also been discussing proper hygiene needs and the importance of showering regularly and wearing deodorant everyday now that their hormones are changing.  Next week will be the last week of the trimester and students will begin PE on Monday, November 20.  Have a great weekend.  

Chorus- Mrs. Cvitkovic
The Chorus concert will be Wednesday, November 15th at 7 PM in the LBMS gym.  Call time is 6:30 PM. 
Concert Dress is Black Polo, Khaki Pants, Black shoes, socks and belt.

Music - Mrs. Cvitkovic
Students started learning to play Ukulele this week!!  

Visual Art- Mrs. Engel-Julian
This week in art, we completed our clay project.  Students also began working on selecting their favorite piece for the art show and writing artist statements.

Band - Mr. Beese
The Fall Band Concert will be Thursday, November 16 at 7:00 pm, in the LBMS Gym. Students should be dropped off no earlier than 6:30 and no later than 6:45. 

Concert Dress is Black Polo, Khaki Pants, Black shoes, socks and belt.

Monday: BBB @ Millburn 4:30/5:30pm
GBB @ Elm Place 4:15/5:15pm
Tuesday: BBB @ Elm Place 4:15/5:15pm
GBB @ Millburn 4:30/5:30pm
Wednesday: NONE (Chorus Concert)
Thursday: NONE (Band Concert)
Friday: 8BBB Practice 7AM 
8GBB + 7BBB Practice 3:45-5:15pm

 After School Activities 

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