6th Grade Weekly Update for 1-26-18

Winter Conference Wrapup
Thanks to all who attended winter conferences! 

Musical Update: Wizard of Oz!
The cast list will go up on the musical website by noon on Saturday!  Congratulations to all our cast members.  There will be an all cast read-through on Tuesday January 30th from 3:40-5:00 pm in Ms. C’s room.  If students have a Tuesday conflict that they cannot miss they are excused from the read through.  Also on Tuesday January 30th there will be a mandatory parent-cast meeting at 7pm on the presentation stairs.  The January rehearsal calendar will be provided for students on Tuesday on the call board, in their cast binder, and on the website. We look forward to getting our musical underway! Any additional questions?  Please contact Adrienne Olmstead at aolmstead@lb65.org.  
News from the Nurse
The "Influenza Like Illness" was still the primary reason for absences this week. Students are presenting with low grade fevers, nasal congestion, sore throats, and cough.  I received one confirmed report of Influenza B for a 7th grade student.  Several students are still fighting the intestinal virus as well.  This bug is causing nausea, vomiting, & diarrhea, but usually no fever.  
Please report absences by 9am and include the type of illness causing the absence.  Students must be free from fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school. Thank you!

Lake Forest-Lake-Bluff LDA Information

Lake Forest-Lake Bluff LDA Spring Marche Flyer

Illinois 5Essentials Survey - Parent Responses Needed!
Lake Bluff School District 65 is participating in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey.  Your participation in the parent portion of the survey will help us understand the conditions at your child’s school and guide improvement. Your identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and will never be connected to you or your child.
The Survey is open through January 31, 2018. To take the survey please visit https://survey.5-essentials.org/illinois/survey/parent/login/ and enter your e-mail address, the county name (Lake) and the school name (Lake Bluff Elementary or Lake Bluff Middle).
Next Week at a Glance

Monday, 1/29: Set up for Success/ELO

, 1/30: Set up for Success/ELO

, 1/31: Set up for Success/ELO

, 2/1: Set up for Success/ELO

Friday, 2/2: Bluffer Assembly
Course Updates
Social Studies- Mrs. Johnson
Students participated in research as they explored complex, open-ended questions related to their content for Ancient Egypt. Next week, the research phase will conclude and students will begin formatting presentations they will share with the class.

Science- Ms. Arwady for Mrs. Panjwani
In science this week, the students finished and submitted their element projects. They found an element whose atomic symbol was within their names, researched it, and wrote a short paper about it. We also worked on creating molecules with Dots and toothpicks. It was an introduction to bonding, compounds and mixtures. We are wrapping up lesson 9 this week, and the students will take a quiz on Tuesday based on lessons 6-9. Their journals will also be due that day. Finally, we wrapped up our short week with our "what's new weekly" reports; an optional assignment where students can independently research a topic and present a summary about it. The information the students learned was truly incredible! It was exciting to see them perform their own research.

Language ArtsMrs. Dunn and Mrs. Hominick
This week students completed their final essays in the Literary Essays Unit. They stretched their argument muscles by comparing and contrasting two authors' takes on one theme.  Please ask your child to show you his or her final draft!  Next week we dive into our new unit: Tapping the Power of Non-fiction. Students will be in book clubs reading and exploring a variety of topics.  Please encourage your child to read his or her IDR book this long weekend!  Each student set an ambitious goal of 100+ pages! 

Math 1-Mrs. Bishop
Students took their Chapter 5 Tests on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Students were introduced to Khan Academy and had some time to explore how they can utilize this resource to help them master the 6th grade standards.  Next week, we will begin Chapter 6 on Dividing and building expressions.  

Advanced Math 1- Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Carney
This week in class students worked with Algebra tiles to represent unknown lengths and areas.  They worked to build expressions to represent the perimeters and areas and then simplified the expressions by combining like terms.  Students ended the week with practice on evaluating expressions for given values.  Students will take their Chapter 6 test on Tuesday.  

Algebra- Mr. Jakcsy
Students began chapter 7, which focuses on applications of exponential growth and decay, including the topic of compound interest. Next week, we’ll continue exponential growth and decay and finish the chapter looking at fractional exponents.

Español- Srta. Horner
This week in Spanish we spent time practicing how to explain 'I do..' an activity. In other words, we started to conjugate verbs! There is a pretty basic pattern to conjugate verbs in the present tense, so we've started by talking about our own selves and our own activities. We also started learning to ask yes/no questions about activities, and knowing how to respond. Being able to say more than simply "yes" or "no" allows students to practice verbally expanding their thoughts and helps them along in their language proficiency. 

Français- Mme Szostak
This week in French students were assessed on their knowledge of the pastime vocabulary. Students did an oral partner activity where they found out what their partner likes to do. That information was then shared as a whole class discussion for the les stickers! Students' speaking confidence is on the rise and students are showing what they can do during these conversations. They are such an enthusiastic and curious group that their speaking is really improving daily! Next we begin talking about subject pronouns. After that....putting it all together and conjugating! Wa-Hooooo!

Health- Miss Fink 
This week in health, students have been finishing up the Nutrition Unit by watching "Supersize Me," and answering reflection questions based off of the documentary.  As the week comes to a close, we are beginning the Drug Education Unit by working with the Life Skills Training program to inform young adults about the dangers of drug use and how to improve communication skills, resolve conflict, and resist peer pressure.  Have a great weekend.

STEAM- Mrs. Olmstead
This week in STEAM:  our second engagements are well underway!  The students are even more confident and excited this time around now that they understand the process and how to utilize resources around the lab.  Have a great long weekend!

6th grade boy's basketball: Tuesday, 1/30 at 7 a.m.

After School Activities 

Chess Club:

Next meeting is Tuesday, January 30th after school in Mrs. Twohig’s room.  All are welcome!

Student Council
Student Council will meet Wednesday, January 31st after school from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Carney's room. We will be planning for the Winter Dance. Anyone is welcome to join. See Mrs. Hines for more info!

 PTO News

Save the Date

The PTO's spring auction is going to be a golf scramble and after party. Mark May 19th on your calendar so you can join in on the fun! More information is to come, but the day is shaping up to be a rockin' time.

Spirit Wear

Love the look of Lake Bluff's new spirit wear? The PTO has stocked spirit wear items for sale at Hub & Cycle in Lake Bluff throughout the year. Go to http://www.lbhubandcycle.com for store information.


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