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Evaluation System

(as per CBSE Rules)

CBSE Guidelines for evaluation in Junior and Senior School.

  • Students are required to appear for all the assessments during the year.
  • In case of absence due to illness, a doctor’s certificate will be required.
  • Absence from assessments for any other reason, therefore, will not be permitted.
  • The student’s promotion is mainly based on the Continuous Evaluation. It includes various other aspects of child development along with Scholastic and Co-scholastic areas. Other aspects include Work Education, Art Education, Attitude and Values, Health and Physical Education etc.
  • Students will get only grades for their performance.
  • Students found using unfair means during the Formative Assessment and Summative Assessments will be marked zero in that subject. These students will not be eligible for any academic awards or school appointments.

Classes I – IV

  • No terminal examination would be held in these classes. Weekly worksheets will be held in all subjects according to the schedule given to students.
  • The student’s progress in oral and written class work and projects will be assessed and recorded.
  • A grading system is used for all academic subjects in Classes I – IV.

Classes V and above

  • CBSE guidelines will be followed.