The Law Publisher CC

reporting the law

The Law Publisher CC is dedicated to the reporting of commercial law as stated by judges of the higher courts in South Africa. We do this by publishing a number of titles all of which are issued periodically. A full listing of these titles is given here.

Our purpose has always been to report the law, not to apologise for it. What the judge said, whether said rationally and with cogent reasons, or not, whether said with due respect to precedent and the logic of the foundations of our legal system, or not, we report. While we do summarise the judgments, and thereby recognise - or confer - a semblance of rationality on them, we do not pass our own judgments on them. We take them for what they are, and present them in published form.

In executing our purpose, we admit to participating in a myth, the myth that the law is independent, a separate functioning organ of our social life, and a safe port to which the common man can appeal in time of need. That ideal, honoured usually in the breach, is also our ideal, for we believe in myths.

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The editor and writer of our publications is Advocate Mark Stranex BA (Natal) Hons LLB (Cape Town) HDipCoLaw (Wits). He has edited the Commercial Law Reports and written all of the text of Current Commercial Cases since the inception of both these publications in 1992.