Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Preguntas Frecuentes

Is LAVOSI a Day school or Residential school?

LAVOSI is a Day School for grades K-6 and provides educational support to students in grades 7 & 8.

How do I register my Deaf child at LAVOSI?

Contact the School Principal by coming to the school, calling or emailing.

What if my Deaf child is behind in school work, can LAVOSI teach my child?

Yes. LAVOSI teachers are fluent in Guatemalan Sign Language, Spanish and experienced teaching students who require assistance to catch up with their peers.

How can I sponsor a child to attend LAVOSI?

Costs for one student attending LAVOSI for 2017:

Registration and Tuition: $250

Uniform (2): $60

Daily transportation: $240

Supplies: $50

Special monthly activities: $50

Total for one student for 2017: $650

Please click here. Your donation is needed and greatly appreciated. 

Where is LAVOSI located?

Calle Real de Jocotenango, Residenciales el Pedregal #3   Jocotenango, Sacatapequez
Telephone # 502-7937-2406 / 502-4548-7043

Email / /    
Web site at

How do students and teachers communicate at LAVOSI?

Students and Teachers use Guatemalan Sign Language, a natural visual language that allows for clear and concise understanding. Teachers also provide instruction in Spanish.

What course of study and curriculum do LAVOSI Teachers use?

Teachers use the National School Curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education. Students complete their Education at LAVOSI and they continue their education in other schools, Universities or enter the world of work.

Is LAVOSI private and is there a tuition?

LAVOSI is an independent (private) school and charges an annual tuition. Please contact the School Principal for additional information. Some students are sponsored by Foundations and private individuals who believe Deaf children have a right to a quality education.

Can I volunteer to help at LAVOSI?

On a regular basis volunteers are placed at LAVOSI. The school has had volunteers from Gallaudet University, the US Peace Corps and from other Institutions. Please complete the attached Spanish or English version of the form at the bottom of this page, email the completed form to Alvaro de Leon, President of the LAVOSI Board of Directors

How do I make a donation to support the great work done everyday at LAVOSI?

As a non profit independent school, LAVOSI receives no public funding. The students, staff and the school rely heavily on donations. Please go to the Navigation Tab titled Support LAVOSI, or click here to donate now. 

Who are some of LAVOSI's partners and friends?

The John Swinmurn Foundation, the Kennedy Foundation, the New Lifeline Foundation, the Integral Heart Foundation, the U.S. Peace Corps, Gallaudet University, Case Western University, University of Washington, Lexington School for the Deaf, International Deaf Projects, Casasito, Mayan High School, Balam Be Team Building (, and Sol Textiles ( Our partners and friends believe in the work done everyday at LAVOSI. Thank you!

Len Aron,
May 31, 2017, 3:21 PM
Len Aron,
May 31, 2017, 3:21 PM