Hi! Welcome to my website.  On this site you will find information for the classes I am teaching at the University of La Verne (ULV).  

My first semester at ULV was Fall 2012.  Prior to that I was in Chicago, IL pursuing my doctorate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  My undergraduate coursework was done at Binghamton University in New York.  

Teaching Experience:
Fall 2017 - Linear Algebra
Spring 2017 - Transitions to Advanced Mathematics
Fall 2016 - Calc 2, Linear Algebra, Math in Society
Spring 2016 - Calc 1, Transitions to Advanced Mathematics
Fall 2015 - Calc 1, Calc 2, and Honors Course Math and Metaphor on the Digital Stage
Spring 2015 - Transitions to Advanced Mathematics, Differential Equations, Math in Society
Fall 2014 - Calc 3, Honors Course: Math and Metaphor on the Digital Stage, Math in Society
Spring 2014 - Calc 2, PreCalc, Math in Society
Fall 2013 - Calc 3, Math in Society
Spring 2013 - PreCalc, Math in Society
Fall 2012 - PreCalc, Math in Society

I enjoy woodworking, gardening, traveling, eating, cooking, taking photos, biking, hiking, and backpacking.

Blue Creek, Belize

Poás Volcano, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, Finland

Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto, Japan

Pushkar, India

Below is a diptych of two of my favorite photos from two of my favorite places. The top portion is taken in San Ignacio, Belize.  The bottom portion is a view of three volcanos: Agua, Fuego, and Alcatenango, from Antigua, Guatemala.