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My Cats

In the 70's in Hilo, I had as many as 21 cats (and 3 dogs) at one time.  Over time, as many loved fur children grew old and died and I grew older I've cut down.  Currently there are 5 indoor house cats (one with a daylight outdoor pass if it isn't raining), 2 shop cats (one who wants to be a house cat), one foster (whose owner recently died), one that only appears at night (took 1 year to tame and neuter, 2 years to get to friendly petting), one very old neighborhood cat with the sweetest temperament ("friendly girl").

Some recent feline friends by color scheme:

Yellow striped: Blondie, Marigold (d), Bonkers (d), Pumpkin (d); Hilo: Grundoon, Gingersnap, Banana, Ugly
Black and white: Yoda, Whiskers, Squeek, Charlie, Pancho (d), Little (d); Hilo: Zappa
Black: Felix, Blackie, Arsenio (d), Sybil (d), Lucky (d); Hilo: Lilly, Loony, Nerveless, Cleo
White: Snowflake, Fuzzwort (d)
Gray/Black Stripes:  Kikala, Zander, U2 (d), Cleopatra (d); Hilo: Gandalf
Calico: Spot (d), Hina (d); Hilo: Mamacita, Rocky Racoon