A Media Club Newsletter Fall 2019

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A Big, Big Thank You!

By Moises Ramirez

October 25, 2019 -Ms. Raquel Zamora, Attendance Counselor, shows the Fremont teachers some love by presenting them with a very special tailgate on the quad, preceding the Fremont Homecoming Game, after school on last Friday. Ms. Zamora knows that during this time of the year teachers can feel stressed and pressured as mid-term grades trigger more administrative duties, reteaching opportunities, and students become more concerned about their grades and make-up.

Teachers usually only meet during the faculty and department meetings. However, there are rare moments for them to interact in a friendly atmosphere. She said that the purpose of the tailgate was to make the teachers feel relaxed but most importantly to lift up their spirits. “I hope they really feel appreciated,” said Ms. Zamora.

The tables were set up with a beautiful center-piece of vases with sunflowers. Teachers ate delicious Latin foods like carnitas, calabaza, red rice, fried beans and mouth watering drinks like Agua de Jamaica and Agua de Pepino. Teachers spent the afternoon talking and interacting showing that the tailgate was a huge success.

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