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You have worked well this year, but a little extra work is always a good idea.

There are lots of exercises on the 5th Grade English website and it may also be a good idea to work on  exercises from the 4th Grade English website.

Then more especifically here are some extra ideas:


Why not decide with your someone in your family or with one of your friends  to speak English for 10 minutes everyday...maybe while:

  • you are having breakfast
  • playing a game
  • practice your favourite song and sing it to your parents...
  • kareoche with your friends


If you want do some extra reading here are some ideas:

Reading Books:
- Macmillan  Children´s Readers " New York - Adventure in the Big Apple" Level 5
:- Macmillan Children´s Readers "London - A Day in the City" Primary Five.
 - Macmillan Children´s Readers " The Deep - The City Under the Sea" Level 6

  • Write about your holidays ...try to use the past tense. Use the past tense of go, drink, eat, play, visit....etc.

If you want to buy an exercise book with a little of everything and with an accompanying CD you can buy "VacacionesSantillana" Super Summer Inglés 5 Primaria