Welcome to 7/8 STEM

Each Scholar's inquisitive mind makes them a scientist, mathematician, and engineer.  Science is a natural process of observing phenomena, wondering how the world works and searching for answers in order to make sense of their world. Engineering is a practical way for scholars to explore their ideas and turn concepts into products through trial and error.  

Therefore, science and engineering are ways scholars work to understand and shape the world around them. LJA scholars engage in hands-on explorations, inquires, and projects as they are empowered to explore their natural world and become stewards of the community and their environment.

This year LJA scholars will participate in a journey that focuses on both Science and Engineering processes.  Each semester will provide the scholars with the opportunity to overcome and solve new and exciting challenges.

Intrigued to see what your scholar is working on today?  
The weekly plan and classroom explorations are posted on the weekly agenda page.  
Join them in their exploration of discovering their own brilliance.


LJA scholars will be graded based on Assessment for Learning.  For each learning target, students are assessed at one of four levels: Beginning, Developing, Secure or Exceeds.  In order for a student to earn an Exceeds, they need to strive for creating connections outside of the classroom environment.  There are numerous options for scholars to strive for an Exceeds, but this process is student driven. 

Students monitor their own progress throughout the learning.  Rubrics are given for each lab, class assignment, and reading to help students self-assess how they are understanding the given content/learning target.  Teacher and peer feedback are also an essential part of raising self-awareness of content knowledge.  Through daily reflections, LJA scholars are able to identify areas of strength and areas needing improvement to ensure they have secured the learning.

Revision of problems and ideas are strongly encouraged so that each scholar finds success within the classroom.    

Work completion is evaluated throughout the year to help LJA scholars enhance their own personal academic skills and find success across content areas.


This class is extremely hands-on and activity based.  Because of this, each student is expected to be in class and on time every day.  If you know that your child will be absent, it is your student's responsibility to obtain any missed work either before (preferably) or after their absence.  



Inappropriate behavior will be dealt with according to the discipline policy in the LJA Student Handbook.  We will be focusing on keeping students in the classroom rather than sending them out.  Please know that open communication is a necessity to keep the class functioning to its highest potential.  Phone calls home will be encouraged to reassure both positive and needs-to-improve interactions with the classroom. 

Please call the front office at 651-414-6000 and ask to be connected to the STEM 7/8 voicemail.

As always, please contact Ms. Lizzie lizzief@laurajeffreyacademy.org if you have any questions.