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Membership Application

Welcome to VIPMA - V.I. Placer Miners Association. 

Please Note - New memberships will not be taken until January 1 2019.

Prior to joining you must possess a Free Miners Certificate, the online form is found here

You can also go to Service BC and apply in person - here is a link to all offices so you can choose the one closest to you,

After you have your Free Miners Certificate you may apply for membership with VIPMA.

To join, follow these instructions:

Buying a VIPMA membership consists of two parts.  

  1. Pay for the membership.
    1. Ensure to choose Adult, Adult with a Panners License, or Associate with a Panners license from the drop down menu below.
  2. Then, upon successful payment, you will be re-directed to a form to enter all of your information.  
    1. Your membership won't be approved until you fill in all the blanks.   You are asked to confirm your name twice.

Before Beginning, check the following list so you can provide all of this information:


Postal Code



FMC (Free Miners Certificate Number)

Yes or No to access CRD or TImberwest Lands

All if any Placer tenures you own.

The name and number of an emergency contact person.

That you intend to attend a meeting and the date.  If you have attended a meeting already, then please use that date.  

NOTE:  ** You cannot join VIPMA and go mining without attending a meeting.  

Also Note:  VIPMA has a constitution you will be signing, if you breech the Constitution you will lose your membership in VIPMA and will receive no refund.  VIPMA is a group of individuals who want to mine, who want to build working and trusting relationships with the landowners we need to issue Section 19's to, where our tenures are.  We present as a responsible group that has integrity and anyone who violates our constitution will immediately lose their membership - at times permanently.    

VIPMA has rules that need to be followed - if you are a person joining only for insurance and you have no intention to abide by the rules of the club, do not join. We want honest and ethical individuals in this club.

VIPMA meets the second Wednesday of every month at 537 Glencairn Lane, Colwood BC.  It is at Emery Hall which is beside Saint John the Baptist Heritage Church.  There is a large parking lot and much side parking.  In the winter dress warmly, as the hall can be chilly.  Any items you bring into the Hall you must take out with you.  As a group we set up the tables and chairs, and also volunteers of the group take them down.  Please take your coffee cups and papers with you, we pay for the room, but we do not pay for garbage removal.  The same goes for the bathrooms, leave them clean and shut the lights off.

Map of 537 glencairn lane


No application will be processed:

  • Without attending a meeting
  • Without a Free Miners Certificate (FMC) 
  • The only way to pay for membership is with a credit card through PayPal or a PayPal Account.  You are in total control of obtaining your membership, all transactions will be dealt with online.
  • For those who do not have a credit card, you can purchase one at any bank or service retailer, PayPal charges a nominal fee, and ask what the fee will be for the single transaction before you buy your credit card, so you do have enough to purchase what you need.  These charges will not exceed $5.00.
  • It is also your responsibility to attend meetings, read your emails and keep current with mining bulletins and what is happening in the mining industry, as we do deal with private land owners and with several issues that affect placer mining across the province.  Awareness comes from being involved and focused on your hobby.  

Part of membership costs allows VIPMA the privilege of having a group pool to cover our membership for a 5 million dollar  liability policy required by both TW and CRD.  This policy also covers you anywhere you mine in British Columbia, so if you decide to go elsewhere off the island and you are mining legally, you are covered.

No Placer Miner can claim ignorance as a member of VIPMA.  Here is the link to all Information Updates




Membership renewals will have to be made immediately in the New Year if you wish to be mining in the CRD and have your membership approved by January 15.  Other renewal memberships should be made prior to February 28, 2019, as that is when your membership expires.  For CRD Members we are working backwards with your payments to accommodate you so there is no hold up with mining after February 28.

Due to financial reporting, do not apply for renewal or send in money to PayPal prior to January 01, as they will not be processed until after January 01.


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