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President - Mr. Blair Morris

Vice President - Mr. Kelly Wagner

Secretary - Mr. Cal Webb

Treasurer - Mr. Bryan Rozon

Membership - Director at Large Mr. Aneil Haere

Communications - Director at Large Mr. Michael Mullen

Meetings Monthly : 2nd Wed of every month - 7:30 PM  

547 Glencairn Lain - Emery Hall is located right beside Saint John the Baptist Church, there is plenty of parking.

Map of 537 glencairn lane


CRD will attend October 2019 Meeting to Present CRD's Orientation.process in order to process applications in January, 2020 at their meeting January 15.  This will coincide with their complete closure to all effective January 01 of every year.  

Membership renewals will have to be made immediately in the New Year if you wish to be mining in the CRD and have your membership approved by January 15.  Other renewal memberships should be made prior to February 28, 2019, as that is when your membership expires.  For CRD Members we are working backwards with your payments to accommodate you so there is no hold up with mining after February 28.

Due to financial reporting, do not apply for renewal or send in money to PayPal prior to January 01, as it will not be processed until after January 01.

VIPMA (V.I. Placer Miner's Association) evolved in 1997, Aug. 05 to give a voice to miners in the Leech River area. Individually Placer Miners received different information from inspectors.  Forming VIPMA gave a place to have a common voice, hear the truth and make decisions, which govern them as a body, and gave miners one common direction to follow.  This collaboration forced inspectors to standardize both inspections and permitting.  VIPMA came into existence under the direction of Don Razzo and Bruce Chaytor.  Don Razzo passed away several years ago, and the club panners enjoy his legacy of claims being the Iron Wheel, Golden Boy and Martin's Gulch.  Founding member Bruce Chaytor held the presidency from it's inception until June 13, 2018, as he has stepped down with retirement.  Cal Webb, was the original Secretary of the Organization and still is. Bill Friar a founding member holds now a Golden Membership.  Time thrashes by but the lure of gold continues, and is evident in some of the beautiful nuggets that are still found on these historical claims.  For our members wanting information contact VIPMA@shaw.ca. For members with an issue attend a meeting.  We are a group of Placer Miners; determined in keeping history alive.


Leechtown Cairn in March 22, 2000.  Since that date it has deteriorated evident on pictures you will see within the website.  A project was initiated by VIPMA in 2014 to replace the Cairn, with a monument for Leechtown's 150yr Commemoration; so the historic site of Leechtown continues to have her place in history.  July 19, 2014 a Monument was unveiled by The Honorable Judith Guichon and President Bruce Chaytor, various stakeholders were involved spearheaded by VIPMA. This project was initially given to a committee Pat Lydon and Denis Lieutard in 2012; and was then executed by Donna Chaytor; treasurer of VIPMA.

The original bronze Cairn Plaque was taken many years ago.  If the plaque could be found and returned to VIPMA it would be a great gift and would honor Leechtown, as it is an integral part of this history.  Please contact vipma@shaw.ca if anyone has any information in regards to this plaque.  It could well be just buried in a basement somewhere, collecting dust, and could well be where it belongs, perhaps in the Sooke Museum. 

VIPMA (Vancouver Island Placer Miner's Association) came into existence in 1997, August 05 in order to give a voice to the individual members in the Leech River Valley. 

This beautiful piece of gold belongs to long time member Ron Walton, who offered the opportunity to photograph it.  In life, it is soft and appears as a smooth piece of gold, with the flash of the camera all of the hidden beauty of this beautiful piece of gold came to life,  This is the approximate size of the nugget.  What a beautiful find in the golden hills of Southern British Columbia.


The gold pan is important.  Whether dredging, using large equipment such as trommels and other equipment, it all comes down to panning it out.   VIPMA generally puts on a panning demonstration at every Rock and Gem Show held every March.  Come and try your hand at panning. 

The name Placer is derived from  Spanish, placera, meaning "alluvial sand." It refers to mining the precious metal deposits (particularly gold and gemstones) found in aluvia deposits—deposits of sand and gravel in modern or ancient stream beds.. The metal or gemstones, having been moved by stream flow from an original source such as a vein, is typically only a minuscule portion of the total deposit. The containing material may be too loose to safely mine by tunneling. Where water under pressure is available, it is used to mine, move, and separate the precious material from the deposit. Placer mining (pronounced "plass-er") is the mining of alluvial deposits for minerals. This may be done by open-pit (also called open-cast mining) or by various forms of tunneling into ancient riverbeds. Excavation may be accomplished using water pressure (hydraulic mining) surface excavating equipment or tunneling equipment.

Many individuals today are exploring alternatives to family fun and included in this is prospecting for gold, both as a recreational activity and as an effort to make some extra money.

Most people are not likely to hit the jackpot and become millionaires, however this is one of the most incredible ways to pass time with your family, enjoy the out of doors, explore the rivers and the structure of the river beds, come to know about the many different rock formations on Vancouver Island, the incredible flora and fauna, the wildlife and in general have a great time.  Kids get to do what they always love to do naturally, play in mud, play in water, and play with rocks.  With luck gold is where you find it, and if you work hard you may even find a few nuggets.  Check out the Mining Methods page, where we explain various methods used in Placer Mining.  The most important knowledge is to go out and enjoy your day, for it is golden with or without the gold.

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