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 V. I. Placer Miners Association.   

We are a group of passionate placer miners who seek gold  on Southern Vancouver Island.  On any given day, we are out there looking for the Gold that Mother Nature has hidden for us. Be it under a rock, in a crevice, on a gravel bar or wherever, one thing is for sure.  Gold is where you find it!

We welcome visitors to check out our site, or come see us at one of our meetings, the second Wednesday of every month.  Check out the Contact Us page for more details.  

If you want guidance, and or access to some of the finest gold panning on the South Island, consider joining our club.  The cure for Gold Fever is Gold panning!

It is hopefully our intention this website will arm you with much information in your present journey of seeking gold or in your future journey.  

There may be duplication of some issues however, it serves the area to which a person is seeking information.

We do hope you enjoy our site, and feedback is more than welcome at vipma@vipma.ca.

The V.I. Placer Miners Association is a voice for recreational and commercial placer miner on Vancouver Island and contribute to the Placer Industry across this beautiful province of British Columbia.  Placer Mining was and is the reason why Vancouver Island and British Columbia ended up as part of Canada.  Placer Mining is what populated the area, and became the incredible ability for someone with a shovel and a pan to be able to go out and pan some gold and provide himself and his family a living.  Bruce Chaytor now past president was the individual who created the BCPMA and served as it's president until June of 2018. The new president Blair Morris will if wanted attend the annual AGM of the BCPMA continuing with the relationships built.  A very special note of appreciation should be extend to both Bruce Chaytor and Cal Webb both original members of the club when it was initiated.  They should be thanked for their tireless contributions to placer mining on the island spanning over 20 years.

Considering the historical value of Placer Mining, which causes no disturbance to the waters or the lands when done with hand tools, and or a small suction dredge, it is sad private land owners and government are working towards destroying the greatest link to the history of why this is British Columbia and ending the one way a person can actually provide for himself with a pan and a shovel a way of life or an addition to his life.