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Skype Interview with Explorer Mark Wood

posted Jan 24, 2013, 3:55 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 30, 2013, 1:31 PM ]

   Mark Wood Interview

Written Nick and Suzanne

        Today we were able to skype with Mark Wood. He is a famous explorer who lives in the United Kingdom.
He has gone on 31 expeditions in total. He showed us his snowshoes, his suitcase, his mask for when he went to the arctic, and he wore it. He looked like he was wearing a firefighter mask.

He never got lost on any of the adventures, but he always had the thought that he might. On one expedition, though, he did end up hurting his foot.

His first adventure was in 2003, when Mark was going on a polar expedition.

During one of his uncountable expeditions, he got a present from a inuit. It was a 2,000 year old polar bear tooth! It is very big, very long, and very thick, with cracks just to show how old it really is. When Mark went on this journey, he did not see any penguins, mountains, plants. . . But Mr. Wood saw a desert. He told us how he videotaped himself as well, which was putting the camera on the top of a ski pole. We learned Mr. Wood is very clever, but if he wasn’t, then he wouldn’t be going on these countless expeditions. He likes High Arctic Canada the best, which he states,” Is a beautiful part of the planet.”

Mr. Wood is a great role model to everyone, from going on countless adventures, to his down-to-Earth, kind personality.

He is going on a 60 day expedition on March 13 to Mt. Everest!

This is our class pic when interviewing with Mr. Wood

This is a student talking with Mark, and he shows us his mask.

Two fellow students look up where Mark Wood

We hope you can wish him good luck like we are right now.