LASD STEM Expo 2019

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     * Covington - April 2-4

Almond - April 9

* Santa Rita - March 12-14 

Springer - March 19-21

Gardner - March 28

Loyola - March 21

* Oak - March 5

Please visit the "Day of Information" listed on each school page for further information on specific times and details.

More Than A Science Faire

The Los Altos School District's STEM Expo invites students in grades K-6 to participate!  While engaging in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) projects, students will have an opportunity to design hands-on projects while exploring just how fun STEM can be!  

Students will be guided at their respective schools through a myriad of activities: STEM lunch clubs, opportunities for special class projects, and/or providing grade level support. This event lends itself to a variety of learning experiences either within the class or at home, working individually or collaboratively with 

their peers or with adults amongst a wide range of STEM categories. Ultimately, students get the chance to showcase their science work in a fun and unique venue, with learning opportunities for the entire family.

Thank you LAEF for supporting our STEM program. 

* Credit given to Placer County's STEM Exposition for the contents of this site.

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