Policies and Supplies

Ms. Cunningham

Syllabus: 7th grade Common Core Math (CC7 and CC 7/8)



Course Overview:  This is a course that will over statistics, probability, rational numbers, ratio, proportion, percent, algebraic reasoning, and geometry.  There will be a focus on problem solving, critical thinking, and teaching students to think mathematically.



CC 7: Singapore Math – Math in Focus Course 2 

CC 7/8: Singapore Math – Math in Focus Course 2 and 3A (2013).  

Additional materials will also be used as appropriate for each unit.


Grading Policy: Grades will be standards based.  More information to come.


Tests and Quizzes:  Tests, or summative assessments, occur after each unit or chapter.  Quizzes are smaller than tests and cover recent topics and should be expected weekly.  Quizzes (formative assessments) let me, and you, know how well you understand a concept within a chapter.  We then know what to focus on moving forward.  Doing well on quizzes means you will probably do well on the test.  Some quizzes will be unannounced.  Test retakes may be allowed as long as test corrections and retake work are completed and approved by me.  Other times past standards will be put on new assessments as a way of “making up” a standard as well as assuring you are retaining the information.


Homework:  Homework will be assigned daily and, unless otherwise specified, should be completed and checked before walking into class the next day.  Work must be as neat and organized or neater and more organized than class notes.  All assignments must have a heading (name, period, date, page #, and problem #s).  Late work is not accepted after the end of a quarter.


Homework corrections are required for all assignments.  HOMEWORK MUST BE CORRECTED IN A DIFFERENT COLORED WRITING TOOL.  Answers will be posted on the website or in the back of the book.  If there is a problem that you do not understand then it is your responsibility to ask in class.


Supplies required for each class: (no pencil sharpening during class)

1.     Lined or graphed paper notebook (just for math)

2.     Small binder or folder with fasteners (just for math)

3.     Pencil and grading pen

4.     Calculator

5.     Whiteboard marker

6.     NO PENS used for math work


Every student will need to have a notebook to take notes and do practice problems.  We will take notes each day in class.  Well kept notes may be used at times on tests. In addition, I will pass out foldables and loose notes. These need to be kept in a small binder or folder with fasteners. Notes must be neat and complete. Some classwork and activities will also be kept and assessed in the notebook.


Student Conduct: Be respectful, prepared, responsible, and safe.


Absent Policy: Many topics and concepts in class will build on each other; therefore, it is important that students make up work they missed as quickly as possible so they do not fall behind.  It is the student’s responsibility to collect make-up work and complete missed assignments. Students have one day for each day absent to make up missed schoolwork unless they have made arrangements with the teacher. Handouts missed in class can be found on the course website or in advance from the teacher.


Webpage: Handouts, assignments, calendars, tutorials, etc. will be posted on my website.


Google Calendar: Homework, tests, quizzes, and projects will be put on my google calendar.


Contact: Feel free to email me at lcunningham@lasdschools.org