Language Arts

Reading Responses

Reading Responses are handed out every Friday and turned in the following Friday.  Your child will have two pieces of paper to help them complete their reading response logs each week.  One piece has a list of questions for them to respond to.  The questions are divided up between Non-Fiction and Fiction.  The other sheet is where they will respond to one of those questions.  On  that sheet they will write the title of the book they are responding to and circle whether it is Non-Fiction or Fiction.  Next they will write the number of the question they are responding to.  Your child will also be expected to read an assigned amount of minutes every week.  They will write those minutes down on that sheet as well.  Lastly, it is important for you to sign your child’s Reading Response.  The parent signature signifies that the child completed the required reading minutes for the week.  


Just a reminder about homework, homework for Spelling is given out in full on Friday’s and your child has one week to complete it. Therefore, it is due the following Friday. Spelling tests are taken on Friday’s as well. If your child loses their list click the Spelling Words tab on my website.