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9/4/18: Copy of First Day Letter - handed out to students in class - last page to be returned by Monday, Sept. 10, for extra credit!!!

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Your son/daughter is enrolled in: ________________________________________.  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and provide you with information about my classroom procedures in order for both of us to assist your student with having a successful school year.  My name is Mrs. Denise Wilder and I am starting my 19th year at L’Anse Area Schools.  I have been teaching since 1985, and this year I will be teaching 6th grade math, 8th grade math and High School Geometry.  The most important thing that your student needs to know is that class time is CRITICAL! It is during our daily 52 minute class that I present as much information as possible to your student and give them time to take notes and start the day’s assignment.  Therefore, it is expected that they will pay attention, take notes and start their assignment as instructed. Please help me by reinforcing these expectations!

Help:  I am also aware that math is a subject that students may struggle with and that additional support is needed.  So when this is the case please be aware that additional help is available. We have an after school tutoring program.  Last year it was offered Monday thru Thursday from 3:20-4:20. Please watch the daily announcements or contact the office for this year’s location.  I am also available before school if students let me know they are coming. I will give them a time and location to meet. All they have to do is ask and I will figure out a day, time, and person to help them - but they should not delay!   In addition to personal assistance there is online assistance directly from our textbook publisher along with other good sources such as Khan Academy.  I will introduce in class some of these online sources to your student when I see an increasing need for them. However, feel free to help them find other online help resources as you and they need to.   

Lesson plans:  If you go to the school’s website and link to the list of Jr/Sr high staff members and scroll down to my name you will find a link that will take you to my website where I post my lesson plans for each week.  PLEASE use this to know when there are upcoming quizzes, tests or just to find out what the assignment is for the day. (I also post a printed copy of my weekly lesson plans in my classroom.) I do adjust assignments based on how students are handling the material when presented in class or due to interruptions such as fire drills - so this is not something set in stone but it is usually accurate.  Also, if your student is absent they can go to this site to find out what they missed in order to complete the make-up work within the time limit as explained in the student handbook. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what they have missed after an absence and to turn in the make up work on time! (NOTE:  School events (such as sporting events, field trips, etc.) are not considered an absence so students are required to ask their teacher before leaving what they are missing and are expected to complete the assignment as if they were here!!!  Students usually know of these situations at least a week in advance and should plan accordingly – additional work time is not given. This includes any missed quizzes/tests or review for quizzes/tests – these will be expected to be taken the day they return to class.)

WHAT I EXPECT FROM ALL STUDENTS:  To be responsible for themselves and respectful toward others!  They are enrolled in a middle/high school level course and I expect them to take on the responsibilities of learning the material to the best of their ability in order to be prepared for the next math course in the curriculum.  In order to do this they must: 1) participate appropriately in class, 2) when needed use extra help that is available, 3) when absent take appropriate measures to find out what they missed and turn in missed work within allowed time limit, and 4) monitor their progress.  In order to monitor their progress there are many options and no excuse not to know on a weekly (or even daily) basis what their grade is! Please assist them with monitoring their grade by showing them how to use Family Access (Skyward) on the school’s website or by asking them to report to you each week their posted grade in my classroom.  Yes, each week I will post (by randomly sorted ID’s) their grade so there is no excuse for them not to know how they are doing in my class. Therefore at least once a week I expect the student to report to you (the parent/guardian) an accurate report on their grade and efforts in my class. Progress reports and report card grades should never be a surprise!!!  

Grading Procedure:

6th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math & Geometry:  Grading will be done using a point system. (A sample would be daily homework being approx. 5  points each, quizzes** being approx. 25 points each and tests** being approx. 100 points.) **Watch lesson plans for when quizzes/tests are going to be!  Quizzes are usually announced 2-3 days in advance and tests usually 1 week in advance.

Extra Credit :  I am not a big believer in extra credit so it doesn’t happen often!  I do however believe in having a bad day once in awhile. So what I do for extra credit is at the “end” of each quarter I have the computer grading program drop each student’s lowest 2 homework grades.   If I do offer an extra credit opportunity then the students must follow all directions I give that go with the assignment – so if I ask them to show work then the work must be shown in order to receive the credit and it must be turned in by the assigned deadline.  I will NOT give extra credit to an individual – it will only be given as an offer to the entire class and at my discretion.

Calculators:  I do have scientific calculators (TI-30) in the classroom for students to use, however I do not usually check them out for students to take home.  If you have a computer at home you can access a calculator there (on my computer I go to “Start” ; “all programs” ; “accessories” ; “calculator” ; “view” ; “scientific” ) or in most cases a basic calculator (something like a TI-30 which you can find for approx.. $12) will do most homework.  If a student checks one out they are responsible for replacing the calculator if lost, damaged or stolen. I also have access to graphing calculators which Math 8 & Geometry will use when needed. The work done when using the graphing calculators is almost always done in the classroom.

Rules:  Follow the student handbook! ** One specific rule that always seems to catch students (& as a former athlete and coach I am aware of this one!) is that if a student misses class due to a school sponsored extra-curricular activity (ex. Field trip, band, sports, etc.)  it is not considered an absence. Therefore it is the student’s responsibility to find out in ADVANCE what they will be missing and have the work completed upon their return. Missing class for an extra activity does not give them extra days to complete the assignment!!!  This also means they must take any quiz or test that is scheduled upon their return so please watch for instances when this might happen to your student and help them plan their studies accordingly – maybe using the tutoring services for completing homework ahead of time or studying in advance for a quiz/test for which they might miss the in-class review.  This all goes back to being responsible.

How to contact me:  Probably the most convenient way is via e-mail since you can send it when it is convenient for you and I can respond when it is convenient for me (no time restrictions!).

                            Work e-mail:

Phone:  Work: 524-6000 ext. 300 (this is the office extension this way they will take a message if I am teaching class or forward your call if I am not teaching at the time you call.

Home:  338-2646 but please call before 9pm

Please keep this information for future reference (but if lost then just remember to go to the school’s website and find my name under the staff listing and link to my personal website you will find a copy of this letter and additional information, including lesson plans, copies of in class notes that have been handed out, practice tests, etc. at this location).

            Website Link:

Please complete and have your student return the last page by:  Monday, September 10, 2018 (This will be an extra credit grade for them – and it may be the only one for this quarter.  It is also a way for them to show me they can be responsible and communicate with you information that may help them succeed!)

Thank you!

Denise Wilder



(after this date extra credit will not be given)

Mrs. Wilder – Syllabus/Procedures

Circle appropriate course:   6th math, 8th math, Geometry

                       Circle appropriate hour: 1     2 4 5 6 7

Please PRINT Clearly!

Student Name:________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name (Print):___________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (Signature):________________________________________________________

If needed what is the best way to contact you and preferred time (if by phone): ______________________________________________________________________________________


In the next couple of weeks I will begin sending out a weekly group e-mail update that will include weekly lesson plans (which can also be accessed on my website at any time) and any other important announcements (including upcoming quiz/test dates).  If you would like to be included on this mass e-mail list please print clearly your e-mail below: