Barranca Construction Project

Drone footage from the flight on October 25, 2018

Photo Gallery (courtesy of Joyce Haven)
Joyce's Construction Diary
November has brought colder temperatures, windy afternoons, moisture, and continued progress on Barranca's construction. The past week and a half has seen the erection of over two dozen steel columns, many joining beams, footings for wall around the round wall of the computer lab, and arrival of cement block.  Cement blocks are being set together to create the elevator shaft.  The shaft walls are built 5 feet each day and will reach a height of 30 feet.  Check the photos throughout the album for comments and date stamps.

This recent construction site tour allowed for a special opportunity for this photographer.  Thank you to Superintendent Jim Kirtland and crane operator Hector, for giving me the chance to sit in the crane.  These few photos give views seen from the crane.

More Progress
This morning (October 29) the first column of steel being put in place.  Throughout the day the team of construction workers erected 10 columns, joining them together with 5 cross beams.  Joyce Haven documented their progress starting at 9:50 AM until  4:10 PM.  Please note the time notations on the photos.  It is an amazing process to watch.

Slab Pours 
October 30, 2018
This final slab pour was scheduled for this morning.  A lot of people arrived early as the first cement truck was arriving at 6:00 AM.  The crew worked quickly and 110 yards of concrete were poured.  

October 22, 2018 
Monday morning may have been cloudy but that didn't stop the pouring of concrete.  Bradbury Stamm's crew poured the second slab section at Barranca.  A big thank you to Superintendent Jim Kirtland for taking the photos.

October 12, 2018

We know that our teachers put in a lot of extra time coming in early and staying late, but Barranca has another group of people who have been putting in a lot of long hours; the crew of Bradbury Stamm.  The construction crew of Bradbury Stamm have spent a lot of hours these past weeks preparing for this morning's big event.  Part of the slab for the new Barranca school was poured today starting at 6:30 AM.  Since it is dark then, large lights lit up the work area and the concrete pour was completed by 9:30 AM.  A slab of 5" concrete was poured on top of moisture/insulation barrier and welded grid work.  The concrete was poured using a pump truck in order to protect underground infrastructure.

Photo credit goes to Superintendent Jim Kirtland and Joyce Haven.  Please use the link below to view photos of work being done this past week and this morning's pour.

Arrival of Steel
After a day of rain the sun came out in full force along with the crew of Bradbury Stamm, who are prepping for the final slab pour, and through the clouds emerged the first load of steel (October 25).

Building a Crane

On late Thursday afternoon (October 25), the base of the crane arrived at Barranca with a special escort.  At sunset the crane was on the construction site where it waited for the arrival of the rest of the pieces on Friday. Do you remember having an erector set when you were young? This family team must have had a set as they made assembling the 200 foot crane a joy to watch.  The crane now sits in position ready to do it's part in building Barranca Mesa's new school.

 Please use the link to see the photos.


The First Snow
Anticipating the Future
Students and staff were invited to watch while the concrete was being poured to create the first footings for the new building.  The students were watching with anticipation of the concrete coming out, while the staff were watching with anticipation of the new building.

The week of October 15 was a little wet, but building at Barranca continues.  These photos show the prep work of a yellow moisture/insulation barrier topped with the metal grid work.  This will be the second section of the floor which is scheduled to be poured on Monday morning.  
The final section is scheduled to be poured on Friday, Oct.26th.

Birds eye view of construction

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