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''It is a pleasure and honour for me to support La Scena Musicale, the only serious source of information in Canada for the music I love. ''
- Denys Arcand

''La Scena Musicale is an excellent magazine that gives extraordinary information to the music community. It's an extremely useful read for everybody. Long live La Scena!'' - Joseph Rouleau

''Congratulations to La Scena Musicale for its contribution to music in Canada.''
                                 - Charles Dutoit

''I support La Scena Musicale!''
- Yannick Nézet-Séguin

''La Scena Musicale has become a vital tool for the arts community in Quebec. This magazine offers intelligent coverage of artistic events. Long live La Scena Musicale!''
- Ana Sokolovic

''La Scena Musicale has always been a go to for Canadian musicians. It is with utmost pride that I support 
La Scena's remarkable work.''
- David Jacques

''Ambassador for the second time, I am thanking La Scena Musicale for its exceptional dedication towards the Art of Music. In a period in which arts and culture are in a critical situation, we are privileged to have a magazine presenting and supporting musicians the way La Scena Musicale does. The promoters of La Scena Musicale are surrounding classical music and its artists with much care and respect. Wishing the magazine a successful and brilliant continuation! 
Thank you!'' 
 - Laurence Kayaleh

''Every month, La Scena Musicale celebrates artists. To support La Scena Musicale is to support culture!''
- Louis-Philippe Marsolais

''It is an honour for me to be among La Scena Musicale's Ambassadors. Music, arts, and culture are the essence of a vibrant society, and it is with great pride that I can be associated with this promotional tool. Long live La Scena!''
- Marianne Fiset

"I am delighted to be able to support La Scena Musicale, as it continues to generously celebrate Canadian artists. Thank you for allowing me to remain connected with the vibrant musical scene in Canada!''
 - Michèle Losier

''I support La Scena Musicale, as it is vital and natural for me to encourage and promote cultural and music events with artists in Canada and around the world. I admire and salute La Scena's magnificent work!''
- Nathalie Paulin

''It is a pleasure for me to contribute to La Scena Musicale, which is without a doubt an important tool for artists and art lovers across Canada.''
 – Jean-Marie Zeitouni

''Supporting the arts is vital to the future of Canada. La Scena Musicale is an integral part of this support through its profiles of artists and events, reviews and news. I am happy to support La Scena Musicale as an Ambassador.''
- Adrianne Pieczonka

''La Scena Musicale is vital to the music community in Canada.  I love reading the interviews and news about what all my wonderfully talented colleagues are performing across Canada and around the world.''
- Shannon Mercer

''We need La Scena Musicale!  We need to learn more about the extraordinary work of Canadian composers and performers, to read about what they are doing, to explore in depth the how and the why of contemporary musical life in Canada. I read every issue, cover to cover.''
- Tim Brady

''I consider La Scena Musicale to be the only accessible quality magazine that offers such a vast coverage of culture in Quebec. It it without a doubt essential to continue supporting its great work in order to feel connected to our own culture. 
Long live La Scena Musicale!''
- André Moisan

- Suzie Leblanc

- Andrew Wan

- Alexandre Da Costa

- Isabel Bayrakdarian

- Étienne Dupuis