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Larsen & Associates has over 20 years of experience monitoring and assessing property for groundwater and soil contamination. We have worked with local, state, and federal agencies in determining level of contamination, clean up strategies, and removal of contaminated groundwater and soils.
Environmental Services
  • Solid and hollow stem auger drilling
  • Probing using direct push technology
  • Surface groundwater and water sample collection
  • Soil sample collection
  • Environmental assessments (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
  • Monitoring well installation, repair, and removal
  • Temporary well installation and removal
  • Air sparge (AS) and soil vapor extraction (SVE) well installation, repair, and removal
  • Ongoing site reporting
  • Site closure reporting
  • Drafting (site maps, well logs, as-builts)
  • Geotechnical soil sampling
  • Volunteer Cleanup and Property Redevelopment
Larsen & Associates has two drill rigs: 
  • Environmental Rig: SIMCO 2800 HT
  • Geoprobe 7720 DT
Environmental Site Assessments
An Environmental Site Assessment is performed to determine the environmental status of a site. The purpose of an Environmental Assessment is to ensure that decision makers consider environmental impacts before deciding whether to proceed with new projects. Financial institutions often require developers and prospective buyers to get an Environmental Site Assessment of a site before financing the project. This helps ensure all risks are known from the start.


Environmental Site Assessments have two phases. Phase 1 researches a site to determine the probability of contamination. If that probability exists, then Phase 1 will recommend Phase 2, where soil and groundwater samples are collected to determine if contamination is present.



Leaking Underground Storage Tanks


Larsen & Associates works closely with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and property owners to assess, monitor, and clean up contamination from leaking underground storage tanks. Since 1986, the Environmental Protection Agency has had a trust fund in place to support states in implementing programs to protect groundwater from contamination due to leaking underground storage tanks. Resources for additional information on leaking underground storage tanks can be found at: