Beautiful blue egg layers with great personality

We have been breeders of Large Fowl Ameraucanas in Wheaten & Blue Wheaten color varieties, though we are not currently breeding any for sale. We breed chickens to meet the traits required by the American Poultry Association and Ameraucana Breeders Club standards for true Ameraucanas, including:

  • Blue or green-blue egg-laying
  • Muffs and beards
  • Peacombs
  • Slate-color legs with pinkish white (no yellow) footpads
  • Red earlobes
  • Recognized color patterns*

Our breeding lines have been very people-friendly, as well!

*Note: Predictable inheritance of color patterns comes from breeding parents of only compatible color varieties.

No Ameraucana color varieties
can be reliably successfully crossed, except:
-- Black, Blue & Splash
-- Wheaten, Blue Wheaten & Splash Wheaten