These pages give you info on how to participate free choice elective studies on-line. When participating in distance learning and on-line courses, you must ensure your computer and your Internet connection are in working order. Studying on-line does not require any special skills; basic computer and Internet skills are sufficient. If the iLinc virtual classroom, or the Moodle VLE are unfamiliar to you, we recommend that you to take part in an orientation session offered by the eLearning services of Lapland UAS before the start of your studies (see the dates below). The eLearning support staff of Lapland UAS provide personalised assistance whenever required.

The iLinc virtual classroom allows for real-time teaching and learning via the Internet. For participation in on-line free choice elective courses, an iLinc user account is not required. You can participate via a so-called join link. Thus, if you do have iLinc account you can use that. iLinc requires you to have a computer (Windows XP or later, or Apple Macintosh OS X Leopard or later), Internet access (broadband) and a headset (preferably a USB connection). The virtual classroom allows discussion, sharing of documents and applications and working in small groups. iLinc sessions are recorded for later perusal. However, watching recordings is no alternative to real-time participation!

Moodle is a virtual learning environment that is used in almost all studies at Lapland UAS. You can access Moodle at and log in with your usual Lapland UAS network username and password. In your Moodle courses you will find course information, study materials, assignments, discussion areas, as well as submission boxes. The teacher of a  course can provide you with the enrolment key that will give you access to the course in Moodle. In addition to iLinc and Moodle, a variety of cloud services and social media applications can be used in on-line courses.


Implementation plans and more details about free choice elective studies in Sole Ops System

For schedules see Timetables


If problems occur, always call the on-call support person; contact details can be found via the webpage On this support page you will also find additional instructions and notifications of interruption in service, should any occur.

Check your computer's audio settings before attending your first iLinc session:

Näin tarkistat ääniasetuksesi ENNEN iLinc istuntoa

How to check your audio settings BEFORE iLinc session

iLinc asennusohje Mac tietokoneille

iLinc installation guide for Mac computers