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LAVV6 Spanish 1 Group B

Course starts: 31.1.2017 at 17-19 in Laura Pallari´s virtual classroom

Teacher(s): Laura Pallari

Note: Orientation to the use of iLinc is given by eLearning Services 30.1.2017 at 16.15 in Laura's iLinc-classroom.


Student must bring his/her own USB Headset to successfully participate in iLinc-classes. 


If any questions, feel free to contact eLearning Services staff


1)      Start your computer and internet connection, connect your headset to a USB port in your computer 

2)      Join to the virtual classroom

3)      Fill in your first name, last name and e-mail address and click "Submit" 

4)      The program will try to download iLinc client (join-session.exe), you must allow that and then run the file when it has  downloaded. 

5)      You´ve entered virtual classroom



In case of trouble always call the support person on duty; the contact information of the support persons is available on the On the same pages you can find more instructions and notifications.

This is how to check your audio settings before joining virtual classroom


Näin tarkistat ääniasetuksesi ENNEN iLinc istuntoa

How to check your audio settings BEFORE iLinc session

iLinc asennusohje Mac tietokoneille

iLinc installation guide for Mac computers