Kindergarten News

December 10-14

  • Our theme this week is Wheels.
  • We have learned all of the letters in the alphabet!  Now our curriculum begins to introduce letter sounds.  Great news though--Our class already knows the sounds, too!  This means that we can focusing on reading (CVC words--ex. cat, box, run)  and writing simple sentences/words.  (ex. I like sharks.  I like mom and dad.  I like to jump.)  
  • Looking ways to have your child advance quickly academically?  Have them write 3-4 simple sentences at home every day!  Your child is able to do this all by themselves!  Just remind them to include spaces. Also, if they sound out the word and get it wrong---its OK!  Let them write like a kid!  :)
  • We have learned about nouns and verbs.  A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. A verb is an action; it's something you do!
  • Sight Word: I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to


  • We will continue our study of Joseph for the next few weeks.  God has a plan for Joseph even as life begins to seem unbearable-- He has been sold into slavery, thrown into prison, and forgotten about by the cupbearer.  Does God still have a plan for Joseph's life?  Of course!  This week we will learn about how Joseph gets out of prison and how he actually becomes an important leader in Egypt!
  • Our Bible memory work is Luke 2: 6-7.  It will be due Wednesday, December 19th. 
  • Philippians 4:13 song:
  • Bible memory is a main part of your child's Bible grade, please take time to review our verses at home.


  • In math, we will begin a unit on comparing and ordering numbers 0-10.  
  • Your child will learn 
    • to put numbers in order
    • to determine which number is greater
    • to find the number that is less
    • to identify two more or two fewer than a given numeral
  • Did you know your child loves to count?  In Kindergarten we count every morning!  Over 3/4 of our class is able to count past 100 already--keep up the great work!

Science/Social Studies

  • Our focus for social studies this week is the difference between rights and responsibilities! 
  • In science, we will be learning about senses.


Wednesday--Library, Gym
Thursday--Spanish, Computers
Friday--Music, Gym

Important News

Tis the Christmas Season
  • Christmas chapel will be on December 19th.  It will be arranged by our first grade classes.
  • We would love to invite you to visit our classroom on Thursday, December 20th from 2:45-3:20pm for a Christmas party.  We would love to sing a few songs for you, enjoy some snacks with you, and give you a small Christmas gift made with love!
  • Grab Bag Gifts--Each child will be asked to bring in a $5 gift for one of their classmates.  If your child is a girl, please bring in a wrapped gift labeled "girl."  Likewise, boys should bring in a "boy" gift.  Please bring these gifts to school on or before Wednesday, December 19th.
  • Christmas break will be from December 22-January 6th.

Reading Programs
  • Deep River Reading is complete.  If your child has read for 6 or more hours they may get a free ticket to Deep River Waterpark!  If you have not submitted your form to me, please let me know by Monday so I can include you in my ticket count!  
  • December Book-It has started.  The Kindergarten goal for each child is only 8 books!  Book-It does count as part of your child's reading grade, so please make sure you submit the books you read (even if its late!).  You may turn in your child's Book-It as soon as you finish, or you may record all your books for the whole month.  Every child who meets the monthly goal will be given a coupon for a free personal pan Pizza Hut pizza.  We will track your child's progress in the classroom each month!  December Book-It is due on or by Wednesday, December 19th.
  • Thanks for coming to worship with us during chapel this week!  If you were unable to attend our Kindergarten chapel, you can view it with the following link:
  • September Chapel--Kindergarten  

  • Our goal of show-and-tell is to get to know your child better, to practice public speaking, to listen while others are speaking, and to use kind words as we respond to others' treasures.
  • Your child will be allowed to bring in something to show and tell about on their day of the week.  Ideas include: a picture of a vacation, a favorite toy, a stuffed animal, a special necklace, etc...
  • They may bring something every week, but it is not required.

  • December Book Orders have submitted! (If your order is a Christmas gift, please let me know so I do not give it to your child).
  • You are under no obligation to order Scholastic books; however, it is a wonderful program that helps to get age-appropriate reading material in the hand of your children.  
  • You may send your orders into school or order online.  If you would prefer to order online, our class code is NCC9M.
  • December orders will be due by Friday, December 7th (then hopefully we can get them before school dismisses for Christmas break)

Weather Reminders
  • During the winter months, it is tons of fun to play in the snow with friends.  Please remember to send your child with boots AND shoes if snow has accumulated on the ground.  If they only have one pair of shoes they will not be permitted to get them wet in the snow.
  • Feel free to also send snow pants to keep your child warm and dry as they play outside! We go outside for recess as long as the windchill is above 10 degrees.  :) 
  • Writing your child's name or last name on the tag inside their snow clothing, gloves, coats, etc... helps to keep items from getting misplaced.