Kindergarten News

May 20-24

  • Our theme this week is Trying Your Best!
  • We are focusing on reading and writing simple stories/sentences. 
  • We are also learning to include a beginning, middle, and end in each story that we write.
  • Looking ways to have your child advance quickly academically?  Have them write a short story, thank you note, or letter (3-4 simple sentences) at home every day!  Your child is able to do this all by themselves!  Just remind them to include spaces and punctuation. Also, if they sound out the word and get it wrong---its OK!  Let them write like a kid!  :)
  • We have learned about nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. A verb is an action; it's something you do!  An adjective is a describing word.  This week we are learning about the subject.  The subject is at the beginning.  It tells who or what the sentence is about.
  • Sight Word: I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, me, come, with, my, you, are, what, now, is, of, so, how, where, many, find, from, but, this, came, on, will, into, be, that, who, your, here, soon, for, they, up, make, play, said, good, them, give, then, was, could, ate, she, say, new, all, he, no, over, her, when, some, away, must, by, there, do, down, have, help, went, only, little, just, one, every, ask, walk, look, out, off, take, very, their, saw


  • From now until the end of the year we will be learning about Jesus' miracles during Bible.
  • Our last Bible memory work is Matthew 28: 19-20.  It will be due on Wednesday (May 29th).   If your child is ready to say it before then, they will be allowed to say it earlier :)
  • Bible memory is a main part of your child's Bible grade, please take time to review our verses at home.


  • In math, we are discovering different combinations that equal a give number.  ie.  2+2=4   3+1=4  0+4=4  4+0=4  1+3=4
  • ALL of our students are able to write passed 100--way to go, class!
  • Did you know your child loves to count?  In Kindergarten we count and write numbers every morning!  All of the students in our class are able to count past 100--keep up the great work!

Science/Social Studies

  • Our focus for social studies this week is back then verses now.  
  • In science, we are learning about insects!


Wednesday--Library, Gym
Thursday--Spanish, Computers
Friday--Music, Gym

Important News

Warrior Run
  • Thanks for your help with the Warrior Run!  The kids did an outstanding job running laps in the gym!  We also got to enjoy popsicles and Gatorade afterwards. :)
  • Please also continue to collect pledges for this fundraising event.  The students who have gotten pledges of $75.00 or more will be invited to a pizza party on Thursday, May 23rd.  Pledge sheets are due on May 20th.
Summer Birthdays
  • If your child has a summer birthday and they were hoping to bring treats in before the end of school, please let me know which day works best for you! :)
Library Books
  • Any library books that have not been brought back to school should be returned as soon as possible.  Thanks!
Looking Ahead
  • May 27th--Memorial Day (No School)
  • May 28th--Field Day--All students are invited to attend Field Day!
  • May 29th--Last full day of school
  • May 30th--Last 1/2 day of school (dismissal at noon)
Field Day
  • Field Day is coming soon!  All of the kids are invited to come to Field Day, even though it is held on Tuesday.  If your child is a 3 Day student and is NOT planning on attending, would you please let me know?  Otherwise we will plan on having our whole class present that day.  
  • We will spend the majority of the day outside completing jumps, throws, running, obstacle courses, jumping rope, etc...  
  • Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come out for this special day!  Maybe you will even be chosen as a parent volunteers to help run the events, too! :)

MAP Testing
  • MAP testing scores will be sent home with your child's report card during the first few weeks of summer break.

  • Our last chapel of the 2018-2019 school year is on Wednesday, May 22nd.  If your available, we would love to come have you worship with us as we send off our 8th graders.
We love afternoons with Meme! :)

Reading Program
  • Six Flags Reading tickets have arrived.  5 Day students' tickets went home today and 3 Day students' are in their mailboxes to be brought home on Monday after school.  If you do not receive your child's ticket, please let me know and I can print you a new one.  
  • Fantastic work to those students who read 6 or more hours--Enjoy your trip to Six Flags Great America! :)
  • Our goal of show-and-tell is to get to know your child better, to practice public speaking, to listen while others are speaking, and to use kind words as we respond to others' treasures.
  • Your child will be allowed to bring in something to show and tell about on their day of the week.  Ideas include: a picture of a vacation, a favorite toy, a stuffed animal, a special necklace, etc...
  • They may bring something every week, but it is not required.
This rock-star can write from 0-1500! 

  • Thank you to those of you who ordered from Scholastic this year.  Our classroom also received points/free books when you ordered!  
  • I hope you enjoyed this opportunity to order books that match your child's interests/reading levels.
Weather Reminders
  • Spring weather is here!  Please send your child to school with a jacket if the temperature or windchill is expected to be near or below 60 degrees.