Newsletter/ Noticias May 27-May 30

Mira a los hijos e hijas del Rey. Look it's the sons and daughters of the King!

Hello Parents,'

What a wonderfully packed week of fun we had this past school week! We enjoyed the last "Children of the King chapel. We wore our special "Child of the King" yellow crowns adorned with our monthly chapel stickers. At chapel, we were reminded that we are new creations, we are chosen, we are God's light, we are his treasure, we are one family in God, we are forgiven and we are so loved by God. We are so blessed that we are so loved by the King and we get to share this love with others people in God's world. We also visited the 1st grade, classroom, met the 1st grade teacher, and toured the classroom. We we were also privileged by welcoming a friend and the a student college student Jazy to our classroom. Our student friend joined us for a story and creative project. Jazy is studying to become a teacher and is helping our classroom with many learning and fun activities for the last weeks of school. For a surprise show-n-tell, we met one of our student's pet. The little dog was so cute and enjoyed licking the birthday cupcake frosting from some of the student's hands. Lastly, we had our last reading buddies day and made a special project to remember our Buddy Adventures.

In Christ's service, Maestra Tijerina


  • From now until the end of the year we will be learning about Jesus' miracles during Bible.
  • God promised to send the true and perfect King to took care and save God's people. That perfect King is Jesus, God's son. Jesus came to save His people and did many miracles to show us He is God. He loves us very much much. Because Jesus loves us so much we can tell others about Jesus and love them too!
  • Our last Bible memory verse is Matthew 28:19.
  • Memory Verse due: Thursday, May 30th. The last day of school. (Click verse references to hear and see the verse.) If your child is ready to say it before then, they will be allowed to say it earlier :)
  • We will be praying for our Classroom Sponsor child "Wilmer," from El Salvador. He is completely supported. If you and your family would like to join us in prayer or with contributions. You may send in donations at anytime.


  • Our theme this week is: Growing Up!
  • We have learned the names, sounds and how to properly write the letters in the alphabet. We will continue practicing Aa-Zz. This week we will work with letter sounds and syllables: Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt, Cc, Nn, Bb, Ll, Ff, Rr. Gg Dd, Vv, Kk, Qq, Vv, Ch, Ll, ll, ñ , Hh, Jj, Ww, Xx, Yy, Zz
  • We will be practicing re-telling stories, constructing sentences, sounding out words and writing a stories. We have learned to start sentences with a capital letter, leave spaces between words and add ending punctuation. We are also learning to write stories. We will include a beginning, middle, and end in stories that we write.
  • We have learned about nouns (sustantivos), verbs (verbos), and adjectives (adjetivos). A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. (persona/animal, cosa, lugar o idea) A verb is an action (acción) ; it's something you do! An adjective is a describing word/ palabra descriptiva.

Our important words are : Yo, gusta. el, la , y , veo, un, una, nostras, nosotros ,a, vente, conmigo, con, mi, , tu, qué, ahora, quedan, con, están, son, cómo, como, nuestro/nuestra, muy, mucho, dónde, este, esta, salio, pero, los, las ser, en, al, esa, quién, van, para, aquí, ellos, ellas, hasta,pronto, hacer, jugar, sus, dan, nueva, dijo, decimos, comimos, puede, ese, usa, cuando, cuida, bien, era, después , ella, todos , abajo, tomar, fue, solo, pequeño, tengo, ayudar, cada, pide, caminan, divierten , mira, día, toca, manos, vio, pone, de llevar nuestra responde también mostrar

Matemáticas- Math

  • In math we will be working on : Kindergarten Math Review
  • Your child will be asked to:
      • Identify numbers
      • Review addition and Subtraction
      • Talk about number combinations
      • Patterns
      • Time by the hour
      • Count by 2's, 5's and 10's forwards and backwards.


  • Our next science unit is on Insects!

Ciencias Sociales/Social Studies-

  • Our theme this week is: Back then verses Now.
  • Click here to see some pics from our lesson on: Black History

Una Cosa Especial: Muestra y Cuenta/Show-n-Tell

  • On Thursdays we will have "Show-n-Tell" (Muestra y Cuenta). The students will share about an items that starts with the letter of the week in Spanish. (Click on the letter of the week link for some item suggestions.)
  • Click here to see previous show-n-tell pictures: Aa...Zz, Click here to see the children meeting the Show-n-Tell Rats
  • The Spanish letter of the week is : None this week. We completed the alphabet letters show -n-Tell . For our last show-n-tell the children are welcome to bring in their pet. If your child has a pet they would like to bring to school please let me know and we will welcome the pets at the end of the day on Thursday.


  • Monday--Computers
  • Tuesday--Gym
  • Wednesday-- Library & Gym
  • Thursday--Music & Show-n-Tell
  • Friday--Music, & Gym

Important News

Last week of school Schedule.

  • Monday, May 27th--Memorial Day (No School)
  • Tuesday, May 28th--Field Day--All students are invited to attend Field Day!
  • Tuesday, May 28th--Parent Night @ 7pm.
  • Wednesday, Day!May 29th--Last full day of school
  • Thursday, May 30th--Last 1/2 day of school (dismissal at noon)

Field Day

  • All of the kids are invited to come to Field Day, even though it is held on Tuesday. If your child is a 3 Day student and is NOT planning on attending, would you please let me know? Otherwise we will plan on having our whole class present that day.
  • We will spend the majority of the day outside completing jumps, throws, running, obstacle courses, jumping rope, etc...
  • Have the students dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. Have them bring their water bottles too.
  • Parents are welcomed and encouraged to come out for this special day! Maybe you will even be chosen as a parent volunteers to help run the events, too! :)

End of the Year Class Presentation

  • The students will share their favorite scripture recitations, and share their published book their for parents.
  • Save the date this classroom highlight event will be on the night of Tuesday, May 28th at 7pm.

Student Treasure Publishing

  • Our students' published book has arrived. The books will be revealed at Parents Night.
  • Our class received a free classroom copy of our published book.
  • If you are still interested in ordering the book here is the website to place an order:

Library Books

  • Any library books that have not been brought back to school should be returned as soon as possible. Thanks!


  • Our last chapel of the 2018-2019 school year is on Wednesday, May 22nd. If your available, we would love to come have you worship with us as we send off our 8th graders.

Reading Programs

  • Six Flags Reading forms were sent home last week.

MAP Testing

  • MAP testing scores will be sent home with your child's report card during the first few weeks of summer break.


  • The reading assessments are complete and the results will be sent home within the first week of summer break too.

Kindergarten Chapel

Upcoming Events-Note the dates:)Looking Ahead

  • Summer meet ups TBD
  • Notifications will be sent as dates are posted.

Here's a look at Star Teachers!

Look it's a star students!

Look at me I'm a star students!

Children of the King hard at work for their King!

Muestra y Cuenta-Mi Mascota/Show-n-Tell-My Pet

Somos hijos del Rey/ We are children of the King!

Celebrating a summer birthday. Thanks for the cupcakes and cool tops and nail polish!

Celebrating another summer birthday. Thanks for the "Tasty Puppy Chow". It was so yummy!

Reading our animal projects to the 8th grade Spanish class.

Sharing our very artistic pictures with the 8th Grade class.

Fuimos al restaurante el Cecina.....

Comimos pollitos redondos y quesadillas...

Comimos Hamburguesas y tomamos limonadas.....

y comimos alitas de pollo y tomamos agua.

Thank you parents for all the teacher gifts. We feel very appreciated by all your cards, notes and flowers!

Here's a look at a Star Students!

Here's a look at a Star Students!

Thank you parents for all the teacher gifts. We feel very appreciated by all your cards, notes and flowers!

Los niños y sus dibujos excelentes de animales. The children and their excellent animal drawings.

Thank you Grandma-Oma for the delicious churros they were so deliciously warm. We ate them with some yummy ice-cream for an extra special treat!

The students, Mrs. Smith and I think sometimes story and snack time is best done outside!

Guerreros después de una Carrera Guerrera exitosa. ¡Buen trabajo! The warriors after a successful Warrior Run. Great Job!

Feliz Cumpleaños Amiguita.

Muestra y Cuenta Letra Xx.

Muestra y Cuenta Letra Ww-Fiesta de Wafles con Helado!-Show-n-Tell Letter Ww-Waffle and Ice-cream Party!

¡Abuelitos y Padres-Gracias por visitar a nuestra escuela! Grandparents & Parents-Thanks for visiting our school!

Bienvenidos Abuelitos y Familia-Welcome Grandparents & Family!

Moments shared with Maestra Smith, students and grandparents!

Muestra y Cuenta : Letra Vv

Vaca, vestidos, víbora, vegetales, y mas..

Celebrando Heroes Importantes/ Celebrating important Heroes!

Feliz Cumpleaños Amiguita. Happy Birthday little friend.

Gracias por las galletitas cometas! Thanks for the kite cookies. Yummy!

Muestra y Cuenta Letra -Uu /Sow-n-Tell Letter Uu-Unicornios, unas, utensilios, y el universo. Click here for more: Uu pics.

Hola Nemo y Mancha Max/ Hello Nemo and Mancha Max. Sorry Mancha Max is gone.

¡Muestra y Cuenta Letra Tt-La Maestra Tijerina y los ninos Feliz cumpleaños Dr. Seuss! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

The trio of friends! Recess is so fun with our buddies!


Letra Rr-Muestra y Cuenta /Letter Rr-Show-n-Tell

The students shared ramos de fores (bouquet of flowers), robots, reinas (queens), and some ratas (rats). They had fun meeting the Rats, playing with the robots and seeing each other's show-n-tell special items.

Click here to see the children meeting the Rats

Click here to see more Dr. Seuss Pictures and Videos.


¿Qué presidente soy yo? Which president am I?

¿Quién soy yo? Who am I? Belle, Elena, Elsa, Mamá de Dios, José, Sonic, Doctora, Dr. Seuss, Serpiente-Cangrejo, Mago-Harry Potter y Una Oveja.

Thank you students for all the gifts you showered your teachers during Valentine's Day!

Making friendship fruit salad. Yummy!

Muestra y Cuenta-Show-n-Tell letra-Mm.

January recess, show-n-tell letter ñ, ñame chips tasting and birthday cupcake fun!

December activies, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hat Day, Muestra y Cuenta (Show-n-Tell) Letra Ll: Libros, Leones, Lápices, Lémur y un niño con un nombre que comienza con Ll. / Books, Lions, Pencils, Lemur and a child with a name that begins with Ll.

Letra Jj: Niños con nombres que comienzan con Jj, juguetes, jirafas y una jeringa/ children with names that start with Jj, toys, giraffe, and a syringe

¡Feliz día de acción de Gracias-Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Friends & Feast Pictures!

Thanksgiving games, songs, and a feast with the Spanish Immersions

Classes. Check out the individually created dessert turkeys!

Going to the Pumpkin Patch was really fun! ¡Granja de Calabazas-Pumpkin Field trip!

Making Applesauce was yummy! ¡Pure de manzanas-Making Applesauce!

Going to the Fire Station was fun and the Fire Station snack was yummy too! Fire Station pictures


Previous week's HIGHLIGHTS! Red day snacks-fresas y rojos de fruta rojas (strawberries, red fruit roll-ups. Orange day snacks- clementinas y galletitas de queso (clementines & Cheez Its). Yellow day snacks-platanos y pecesitos dorados, (bananas and Goldfish.) Dia anaranjado y la Maestra Smith (Orange day and Mrs. Smith. Conoce la Tortuga- Meet the Tortois!!


¡Un Visita de Sorpresa-La Senorita Luciana y su charango!-A surprise visit from Miss Luciana and her charango! The charango is a small Andean stringed instrument of the lute family. The instrument is widespread throughout the Andean regions of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, northern Chile and northwestern Argentina, where it is a popular musical instrument that exists in many variant forms. Miss Lucieana demonstrated the instrument, played the charango and sang songs with the children, Then she allowed the students to see, touch and play the "Charango" too. We were thankful Miss Luciana stopped by to share her "Charango". I hope the children were inspired by the music and the charango Miss Luciana shared.

¡Tengo algo especial para mis amigos-I have a treat to share with friends!

Feliz Cumpleaños Maestra-Happy Birthday Teacher

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