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Kindergarten Spanish Immersion December 10-December 15

Nuestro día de sombreros y el árbolito de navidad

Hola Kindergarten Parents,

Hat day was fun! All the different hats were so unique. Also this day a pre-lit Christmas tree was donated to our classroom. Thank you so much parents for all your generosity. Additionally, this past week the students, used as many Spanish words as possible in conversations. Sometimes the sentences created were missing words. Then we just added the missing words. It became a wonderful way to discover new words. The new challenge is to try to speak Spanish to each other. I know they can do it. I am so blessed to see the many ways the children love to help each other with the different challenges. May God continue to grow them in his Grace.

In Christ's service, Maestra Tijerina


  • For the month of December we will will focus on Christmas, the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. God keeps his promise to forgive and save His people and sends His son Jesus.
  • Bible memory is a main part of your child's Bible grade. Please take time to review our verses at home. Great job memorizing and helping each other. Our next Bible memory verse is Lucas 2:7.
  • Memory Verse due: Thursday, December 6th. (Click verse references to hear and see the verse.)


  • Our theme this week is: Different ways we communicate
  • We are practicing finding our important words in our books and using our new words in sentences.
  • We have learned the names and how to properly write the letters in the alphabet. We will continue practicing Aa-Zz. This week we will work with letter sounds and syllables: Mm, Pp, Ss and Tt.
  • We will be practicing re-telling stories, constructing sentences, sounding out words and writing a story.
  • Our important words are : Yo, gusta. el, la , y , veo, un, una, nostoras, nosotros a.
  • If your child has difficulty identifying the uppercase or lowercase letters introduced, please practice with them at home daily.

Matemáticas- Math

  • In math we are in Unit 3: Numbers 6-10. During this unit we will practice reading, writing, and counting numbers 6-10.
  • Did you know your child loves to count? In Kindergarten we count every morning! We are working our way up to 100. We have a goal of making up to 20 then 30 and so on. The students are doing a great job encouraging each other!


  • Our science lesson this week is on Seasons!

Ciencias Sociales/Social Studies-

  • Our theme this month is: How do people work together?
  • This week we will talk about being a good citizen-"Un Buen Ciudadano".

Una Cosa Especial: Muestra y Cuenta/Show-n-Tell

  • On Thursdays we will have "Show-n-Tell" (Muestra y Cuenta). The students will share about an items that starts with the letter of the week in Spanish. (Click on the letter of the week link for some item suggestions.)
  • Click here to see previous show-n-tell pictures: Aa, Bb, Cc.,,,,Ff
  • The Spanish letter of the week is : Ll ll


  • Monday--Computers
  • Tuesday--Gym
  • Wednesday-- Library & Gym
  • Thursday--Music & Show-n-Tell
  • Friday--Music, & Gym

Important News

Hot Lunch

  • Mon..-Unbeatable Eatables
  • Wed.-Taco day
  • Thurs.-Chicken Nuggets

Navidad -Christmas in Class

  • Wednesday, December 19th is our Christmas Chapel will be on It will be lead by the first grade classes.
  • Grab Bag Gifts--Each child will be asked to bring in a $5 gift for one of their classmates. If your child is a girl, please bring in a wrapped gift labeled "girl." Likewise, boys should bring in a "boy" gift. Please bring these gifts to school on or before Wednesday, December 19th.
  • On Thursday, December 20th from 2:45-3:20 pm parents are invited for a Christmas party in our class. We would love to sing a few songs for you, enjoy some snacks with you, and give you a small Christmas gift made with love!
  • Christmas break will be from December 22-January 6th.

Kindergarten Reading

  • December Book-It Reading Program is in progress! It is due by Friday, Dec. 21st.
  • This months goal is to read at home for at least 15 days with a parent. You may read more days of course.
  • Deep River Reading incentive is complete. if you forgot to turn in your forms please send them in Monday. Thanks!


  • The scholastic forms can still be received this Monday, Monday, December 10th (They will arrive before school dismisses for Christmas break).
  • If your order is a Christmas gift, please let me know so I do not give it to your child.
  • It is optional to order, but if you prefer to order online our class code is: PQCBL

Upcoming Events-Note the dates:)

  • Jan. 7th School Resumes.
  • Friday, January 18 End of 2nd quarter

Thanks for sharing your cool book for show-n-tell, We all love this book too!

Muestra y Cuenta (Show-n-Tell) Letra Ll: Libros, Leones, Lápices, Lémur y un niño con un nombre que comienza con Ll. / Books, Lions, Pencils, Lemur and a child with a name that begins with Ll.

Letra Jj: Niños con nombres que comienzan con Jj, juguetes, jirafas y una jeringa/ children with names that start with Jj, toys, giraffe, and a syringe

¡Feliz día de acción de Gracias-Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving Friends & Feast Pictures!

Thanksgiving games, songs, and a feast with the Spanish Immersions

Classes. Check out the individually created dessert turkeys!

Going to the Pumpkin Patch was really fun! ¡Granja de Calabazas-Pumpkin Field trip!

Making Applesauce was yummy! ¡Pure de manzanas-Making Applesauce!

Going to the Fire Station was fun and the Fire Station snack was yummy too! Fire Station pictures


Previous week's HIGHLIGHTS! Red day snacks-fresas y rojos de fruta rojas (strawberries, red fruit roll-ups. Orange day snacks- clementinas y galletitas de queso (clementines & Cheez Its). Yellow day snacks-platanos y pecesitos dorados, (bananas and Goldfish.) Dia anaranjado y la Maestra Smith (Orange day and Mrs. Smith. Conoce la Tortuga- Meet the Tortois!!


LCS Spanish Immersion Website & Blog

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