Presently, astronauts who are staying in space or at the ISS do not have a way to wash their clothes, they just pack extra changes to swap out. Evidently, scientists haven’t figured out a way to implement a clothes washing device. If, in the future, there were long space expeditions lasting many months or years, it would be a burden to pack large amounts of clothes. If there is a deep space exploration project, most of the packing would be focused on resources and not clothing. Water plumbing has to be done very carefully, which would be complicated. Where would the excess water go? However, there is a solution.

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    Astro Apparel has come up with an idea that will help astronauts and people living on Earth. The idea is to create a no-plumbing clothes washer based on what dry-cleaners use. You can find more information on how this will work on the “The Solution” page. This will be helpful to those who can’t afford to have a high water bill, or people who live in rural areas without any public water systems. Many people who can’t afford a washer, or who just want to cut down on the cost of washing clothes would be affected. Also, if someone where to live in a desert-like area, or one that had droughts frequently, it would be possible to live there. 

    Over time the technology for removing stains and other debris from clothing might change, such as what’s applied to the clothes. Our main goal is to make cleaning clothes in space possible, and to lower the costs of washing clothes regularly on Earth. We want to make sure that our product will benefit not one of those groups, but both.

    Find out how all of these things will work at The Solution page!

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