Year Long Calendar

Lanier Middle School

Counseling Calendar 2015-2016

Michelle Hyman 8th Grade

Sarah Penland 7th Grade
Andi Hodgin 6th Grade
Kathryn Palmer

Ongoing Responsibilities:

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Classroom Guidance (approximately once per quarter)

Parent consultation and collaboration

Teacher consultation and collaboration

Administration consultation and collaboration

Community Agency Referrals and Consultation

Crisis Referrals within GCPS

New student tours and acclamation

RTI Coordination

Advisement Program Teaching

Attendance interventions

Counsel ISS students

School Program Planning

Student Program Planning

Attending professional learning opportunities for the school, county, and state

Attend all grade level meetings

Attend regularly scheduled middle school counselor meetings

July/August 2015

Assist with Open House

Counseling Survey for Certified Staff
Child Abuse protocol presentation to teachers

Create Counseling Web Site

Revise New Student Orientation Policy

Introduction to students

Needs assessment for students

Meet with teachers regarding classroom guidance schedule

Build caseload and begin working with individual students

Collect baseline data for the school-year

Create “Closing the Gap” Action Plans

Begin individual student caseload

Target at-risk students for counseling services

Peer Leader Training

RTI/SST meetings

September 2015

Begin small groups

First classroom guidance unit

Counsel Students- Academic, Social, Attendance

Begin planning Red Ribbon Week

Assist with ITBS Testing
Attend Counseling staff development

October 2015

RBES due
Red Ribbon Week
Small groups
Student Attendance Interventions

Identify families who may need assistance for the upcoming holiday season

Career Cruising Classroom Guidance

November 2015

Second classroom guidance unit

Small groups

Help provide Thanksgiving assistance to families in need

GSCA conference

Early Release Conferences

SST/RTI meetings

December 2015

Finish small groups before Winter Break begins

Assist CARE team as needed during holiday season

Crisis Management/Response Services

Staff Development

RTI/SST Meetings

Club and Committee Meeting

Peer Leader Program

Celebration of Lights Program

January 2016

Distribute mid-year needs assessment for students

Small groups

Peer Tutoring Program for Math/Language Arts

Determine students at risk for summer school/promotion

Career Fair Planning- solicit speakers

Classroom guidance- 8th Grade Articulation, 4 year High School Plan

February 2016

Third classroom guidance unit

Small groups

Attend Early Release Conferences

Plan for 5th grade articulation

National School Counselor week

Career Fair

Gather data

March 2016

5th grade articulation

Attend testing meetings prior to state test

Small groups

Meet with teachers to identify students at risk for promotion

No Place For Hate School Wide Program

April 2016

Assist with testing (state test, school wide)

Assist with Peer Leader selection for 2015-2016 school year

May 2016

Awards Programs

Wrap up all small groups

Wrap up individual student caseload

Fourth classroom guidance unit

End of Year Data Collection and Analysis

RBES due