School Wide Programs

The Lanier Cluster Counseling Departments are working in collaboration with the National Anti-Defamation League to secure justice and fair treatment for all.  The No Place for Hate program is geared towards giving students the opportunity to understand the damaging impact that bullying and prejudice has on individuals, as well as the social climate of schools.  The initiative is designed to foster a culture of respect and learning by rallying our community around the goal of stopping all forms of bias and bullying.  Lanier Middle School will be celebrating this message through school wide initiatives all year long.  Such initiatives include:
· School wide classroom guidance curriculum
· Specialized interest small group intervention
· Peer mediation
· Staff collaboration
· Individual support and guidance for students and families
· Interactive parent workshops via counseling website
· Cluster-wide No Place for Hate Celebration
Peer Leadership Program
The Peer Leading program at Lanier is comprised of many components.  Each student will partcipate in the program for the entire school year.  We ensure that peerleading will not interfere with any year long programs your student might already be in so they can be in both.  Students will be serving in a 6th, 7th, or Special Education classroom  in which they are expected to help both teachers and students.  Peerleaders will also be in an extended learning class with the counselors. Peer Leaders will help students during extended learning with tutoring, organizational skills, test taking, serving as mentors, and supporting school rules and expectations. This is a time where students can interact with thier peers in a positive way that can lead to higher levels of academic success.  
Peer Leaders are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude at all times; other requirements for the class are as follows:
  • An 80% average in all classes
  • No more than 5 days unexcused absences
  • No discipline referrals
  • Attend Peer Leading Activities throughout the year


New Student Program

Initial Contact with the School:

·         Parent or legal guardian sees the registrar. The registrar has the parent/guardian complete the required enrollment paperwork.

·         The registrar contacts the appropriate school counselor to welcome the new student.

·         The counselor will answer any questions the students and parent may have.

·         A parent newcomer information packet will be provided for the parent and student with details of Lanier middle school. Each student will receive a longhorn decal as a welcoming gift.

·         The registrar sends a request to the SASI clerk to create a schedule for the student.

·         The SASI clerk generates a schedule for the students.

·         The student arrives to school the next day for his/her first day of attendance.

Student’s First Day of Attendance/Enrollment:

·         The student checks in with the registrar upon arriving to school and picks up his/her schedule and text books.

·         The counselor/ registrar greets the new students in the front office and helps the student get his/her text books.

·         A peer leader will be provided to the new student who will give a detailed tour and take him/her to homeroom.

·         A student in homeroom will help the student with their schedule throughout the day.

·         Registrar and/or SASI clerk will provide counselors with a monthly list of new students.

·         The school counselors will follow up with the new students by means of a small group or individually to ensure they are adjusting to Lanier Middle school.