Program Goals

Lanier Middle School

School Counseling Program Goals


                School Program Goals address:   Academics, Attendance, and Behavior




                    Program Goal #1- Academic


To increase level 2-3 on the bubble students (score of 840-860) on CRCT Reading sections in 2015, through the use of classroom guidance and small group , guidance interventions, and Peer Leading programs. Student's will increase emotional literacy skills with a writing workshop. 



                    Program Goal #2- Attendance


Students with 15 or more unexcused absences during the previous school year will decrease their absences by 25% through interventions during the advisement program, weekly check-ins, and phone calls to parents.




                    Program Goal #3- Behavior


Students who have had 3 or more discipline referrals in the previous school year will decrease the amount of referrals by 25% through small group intervention and behavior RTI.