Counseling Core Curriculum

             Lanier Middle School offers core curriculum environments to all
            students. The counseling core currirculum is a time where the   
                counselor goes into the classroom and teaches about a     
            particular subject.  All lessons are geared towards our standards and competencies of Gwinnett County, State of Georgia,
and the American School Counseling Association.
                    The counseling core curriculum is delivered once a nine weeks through the four academics.
The topics are as followed:


                August-September 2015: Counseling Guidelines, School     
                 Safety and Bullying Pervention
                October-November 2015:Career Cruising (Bridge Bill Law)
                February 2016: 8th grade transition to Lanier High School. 6th and 7th grade
                                            test taking
                March 2016: Life Skills (Bullying and Harassment & Friendship)

                April-May 2016: High School  Etiquette