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                                    Test Taking Tips
Georgia Milestones Testing Dates- April 20th-30th

The best thing you as a parent can do to help your child on standardized tests is to provide positive support in your child’s ability to do well.  Remind them how smart they are, how proud of them you are, and how all that is expected of them is to do their very best.  Children should know that test scores are important, but aren’t the measure of your love and acceptance of them. 


On test days, try to provide a calm, stress-free environment each morning as your child gets ready for school.  Get up in plenty of time to avoid morning rushing around and anxiety.  Make sure that your child goes to bed at a reasonable hour.


Help teach and reinforce the following test-taking tips and strategies:


Ø Get plenty of rest each night!

Ø Eat a good breakfast!

Ø Have a positive attitude!

Ø Relax…don’t worry!

Ø Try hard…do your best!

Ø Listen carefully and follow directions!

Ø Think before you answer!

Ø Read directions and questions carefully!

Ø Don’t rush…work at medium speed!

Ø Check over your work when finished!

Ø Don’t expect to know every answer!


                                             Transition to Middle School
 Here is a link with some pointers on transitioning from 5th to 6th grade:
                                            Technology and Bullying
 The Internet Generation
                    Address how MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking sites have become the most popular way for many young people to connect with each other.  
           time: 50 minutes

Silent Witness
                    Explores why experts believethat the "silent witness" is the key to reversing today's bullying epidemic. The silentwitness, who stands up for what is right, can be the most powerful weapon of all. Run time: 52 minutes

Civil Wars
                     Looks at the attitude of "disrespectful teens" the culture that surornds them, and the belief of many adults that teenagers are out of control. Run time: 58 minutes

Cyberbullying for Parents

                This website offers tips for parents on how to handle cyberbullying situations and how you can keep your teen safe.




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