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Fight for your "life": water wars

The Gulf Oil Spill is not about oil, but about a massive effect on our water, the source of life. And the Gulf spill is not an isolated incident: look at droughts, floods and accidents in our Nation and in the world, and you'll see more and more that the world is in a simmering war over water. 

What about where you live? What are the challenges to your community's water, and what plans are there for it?
Will you need to fight for your "life", and how? 

You will create a presentation that serves as a motivator, something that creates a sense of urgency about issues that you discover. In addition, you should deliver a summary of your finding to your local officials or community, with a set of suggestions for improvement.  It is up to you to define the size of your "community", and what form of presentation to make it most effective.

You will receive a set of deadlines for all intermediate Assessments as well as your final presentation.  You can find expectations and information about these using the menu on the left.

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