Hi, I'm Brooke McKenzie, and this is my digital technology portfolio site. I will be displaying all of my work on this site along with a paragraph or two describing how I created it. Most of these projects are done as a part of CDAT. Stem CDAT has already taught me so much about working with others, collaborating, leadership and of course, technology. I love learning of all these different types of technology and figuring out which ones spark my interests the most. So far, I have found that I am extremely interested in computer science. I find it fascinating that you can make something occur from just a series of symbols and words. Without CDAT, I never would have found this interest. I have also found a strong interest in biology. I find it fascinating how every little detail clicks into one big story. I  had a foundation of nothing at the beginning of freshman year, but now, I know what I want to do with my life. I want to pursue a career in computer science and biology. After high school is over, I can make a better decision of which classes to take later in college. I would like to later attend Georgia Tech after high school because of their magnificent computer science and biology programs. My interests, other than computer science and biology, are web design or computer interface designing.